Troy Tech – October 2106 FUAN Advocate of the Month

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Troy Tech

Since the beginning of Families United Action Network (FUAN) roughly 16 months ago, we have seen an amazing number of committed individuals!  We Are Impressed and Grateful!  We want to honor these dedicated, hard-working people. After long considerations, we have decided that the best way would be to start an “Advocate of the Month” program that gives references and credit to individuals of impressive quality work for Family Law Reform.

For October 2016, we have chosen to recognize Troy Tech of Council Bluffs Iowa.

Troy Tech is a lifelong Iowan and lives in Council Bluffs. He is an Iowa State grad, and a father of two great children.

Troy Tech is a lifelong Iowan and lives in Council Bluffs. He is an Iowa State grad, and a father of two great children. Troy says, “I have an awesome son who's now 13 and a wonderful daughter who just turned 12.”

He went through his divorce in 2008, and experienced early on the clear bias in the family court system. As a result, Troy has reached out to a group called ‘Iowa Fathers' who were helping other fathers like himself deal with similar experiences and trying to bring about change.

In 2010, Troy became a volunteer for Iowa Fathers and began assisting with researching and updating their Internet content and responding to emails and questions from other Iowa fathers who needed help.

By 2011, he had begun organizing monthly Iowa Fathers meetings in Council Bluffs, and joined in the lobbying efforts to push through a shared parenting bill in the Iowa House of Representatives. That bill ultimately died in the Iowa Senate.

In Troy's case, he has experienced near 50/50 care for 5 years, but subsequently lost that legal arrangement due to a modification in 2013 because his ex-wife remarried and moved. As a father who now lives with the standard every other weekend time with his children, and has to fight to even see the children through 3 contempt proceedings, Troy has learned intimately what works, what doesn't, and why shared parenting was better for his children.

He has also seen what damage the family court system has done to his children and the countless others he has met or talked to through the years. Troy navigated the court system with the help of both good and bad attorneys, and has been one of the few that have self-represented their case (pro se) in both his District Court, and the Iowa Court of Appeals.

Since 2013, Troy has continued working with and providing assistance to several new groups such as Families United Action Network. As the movement continues to grow both in Iowa and nationally. Troy hopes eventually one day no parent has to senselessly lose their relationship with their children simply because of a divorce.

Congratulations Troy!

To nominate a deserving individual for the honor of “Advocate of the Month”, Send a message via email to Let us know who, where, and why you feel they deserve this recognition.

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