FUAN is tracking Family Law Reform Legislation as it works its way through the 88th  Iowa General Assembly.

The information is presented in an easy to use table. You can click on a Bill number and review other pertinent information at a glance.

Check back often during the session to see a Bill's status.

FUANs position on any pending legislation is subject to change. 

To quote Representative Mary Wolfe from 2018.

“During first few weeks of IA legislative session a plethora of new bills are filed every day ... some are good, some are bad, some are silly, some are nasty, some are bizarre; many won't go anywhere but some will; and you can review them all here.

The 2019 List of Iowa Family Law Reform Legislation FUAN Is Tracking. 

Searching by bill number is the easiest way to find a specific bill in the table. Enter the bill number (no spaces) in the search field.

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