Title IV Federal Funding - 2020

The Iowa General Assembly begins its session January 13, 2020 at 8:00 am.

FUAN will add Title IV Federal Funding - 2020 research resources as needed to these pages to aid your understand the pros & cons of the bill.

Check back here often. FUANs recommendations and bill language can and may evolve throughout the 2020 session.

Title IV Federal Funding 2020 Overview

Title IV federal funding review and reform of incentive programs.

  • Federal law
  • Iowa Budgetary issues
Title IV Federal Funding debtor's prison?
Title IV Federal Funding - 2020. Uncle Sam to Iowa
Title IV Federal Funding - 2020. Is there fraud occurring?

We'll post links to relevant information to enhance your point of view about this issue. Please watch the three videos at the top of the page. They all contain excellent thought-provoking information.


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