Salem Family Courts?

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image depicting article title "Is Family Court not the Salem Witch Hunt of Modern Times?"

Today’s Family Law “Special Courts” Remind Us Of Yesterday’s “Special Courts” of Salem In 1692 the governor of the Massachusetts colony established a “special court” to hear certain cases. These courts allowed practically any evidence, including dreams, to be used to convict and even execute the accused based on a … Read More

Iowa DHS Epic Fail

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Iowa Deptartment of Human Services

Original reporting written by FUAN Member Oliver Ross. November 22, 2017 Read About The Iowa DHS Epic Fail. With no Reasonable explanations… it almost seems as if they’re doing it on purpose. Talk about an Iowa DHS epic fail… In June of 2017, the State of Iowa settled a lawsuit … Read More

Charles Palmer – Be Gone!

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Charles Palmer photo

Families United Action Network (FUAN), Iowa Family Preservation Project (IFPP), and other Iowa advocates have been begging for the removal of DHS Director Charles Palmer for approximately three years… long before the avoidable, tragic deaths of Mason Wycoff, Natalie Finn, and Sabrina Ray. However, replacing one person, the DHS Director, … Read More

DHS-CPS Reform: Senator Matt McCoy

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Images Scales of Justice

The time is now for meaningful DHS-CPS Reform. In light of recent deaths of children on the radar of DHS-CPS, these issues need to be reviewed now. The Des Moines Register reported on Sabrina Ray’s death in this article. “Misty Ray, 40, and her husband, Marc Ray, 41, are now … Read More