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FUAN Suggests anyone who owes child support read this article by Rocky Mengle. It was originally published at on August 25,2020 Stimulus check money is generally not subject to reduction or offset to pay back taxes or other debts owed to the federal or a state government. However, if … Read More

FUAN Press Release – 7/15/2020

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FUAN-Press Release JULY 15, 2020

PRESS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Nicholas Dreeszen Email: Phone: 515 419-9191  UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND IOWA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION INVESTIGATE SEXUAL ASSAULT REPORT IN SIOUX CITY COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT  (Sioux City, Iowa) Wednesday, July 15, 2020 Families United Action Network, (, announced today that … Read More