Shared Parenting 2020 - A Child's Rights Are Fundamental
Shared Parenting 2020 Don't make broken families with bad law.

The Iowa General Assembly will begin its 2020 session on January 13, 2020, at 8:00 am. (Time is subject to change.) This year the session is scheduled to be in session until April 21.

FUAN will add Shared Parenting research resources as needed to aid your understand the pros & cons of each of the bills we're watching.

Bookmark this page and check back often. FUANs recommendations and bill language will evolve throughout the session.

We've compiled way too much information for one page. FUAN wants to make it easier for you to check out this information. So we've created four pages for these Shared Parenting Resources. Use the buttons to navigate to the pages.

– A child's rights for parental time are fundamental.
– Rebuttable Presumption of Shared Parenting when dealing with a custodial division.

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Shared Parenting 2020. Dad and son playing.
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Shared Parenting 2020. Team Family.
Shared Parenting 2020. Take time for children.
Shared Parenting 2020. Families learning together.
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