FUAN September 2021 Advocate of the Month

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FUAN September 2021 Advocate of the Month, Krissy Smith

Congratulations to our FUAN September 2021 Advocate of the Month, Kristine Smith from the Pennsylvania area. Kristine “Krissy” Smith was born at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. She moved at a young age to Pennsylvania and attended private Catholic schools.  She majored in Biology and Geology at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, graduating with a BS. She then studied at Utah State University in Logan, Utah, where she received her Geology Research Master’s degree. After a career at AIG Environmental Insurance in San Francisco and the birth of her 3rd child, Kristine decided to move her family back to Pennsylvania to be closer to family.

She has struggled with employment due to the stigma of her alleged “mental illness” and a targeted assault on her credibility and reputation by those who weaponized a fraudulent diagnosis against her. She has found herself driving for Uber, watching dogs, cleaning homes, and doing other transient work. Because Kristine had what she describes as a “picture perfect” wedding, she never imagined she would join the 25 million parents in North America who report being erased from their children’s lives after divorce or separation.

Krissy is an advocate for 50-50 Shared Parenting. She believes that anything less than that will perpetuate the mental health crisis underlying many suicides, homicides, and mass shootings in our society. When she asked her husband for a divorce, she never dreamed it would result in losing custody of her three children, but that is exactly what happened. Krissy blames the judge for signing the restrictive court orders as well as the outdated policy and green driving sole custody orders that alienate parents from their children. The judge was actually named in an unrelated federal complaint by a Chester County daughter demanding the release of her elderly mother from court-appointed guardianship. 

Smith doesn’t want others to suffer the same fate she has, missing out on the holidays with her offspring. To achieve that goal, she has been rallying support for HB 1397, a proposed Parenting Time bill in Pennsylvania. This bill promotes gender quality in custody determinations and aims to protect the right of children to continue to have both parents meaningfully involved in their lives following a separation or divorce.

I am standing up for all alienated parents who have been wiped out of their emotional and financial resources, and I am fighting for my children so that this doesn’t happen to my future grandchildren or anyone else’s.”

~ Krissy Smith

She was recently reunified with her oldest child, which has given her much joy. In addition to advocating against parental alienation and sole custody court orders, Smith invested $20,000 in a documentary called Erasing Family, which is narrated from the perspective of alienated children as they reunite with their lost parent. Says Smith, “I want my children to know as they come of age that we aren’t the only family experiencing alienation. The documentary is one way to create a dialogue with children and alienated parents once they are united and to also communicate to younger generations the perils of getting married and divorced using the courts.”

Kristine enjoys hiking with her son and politics. She is to be commended for her efforts to bring attention to these custody issues. It is people like her that will help us win the battle for all our children.

Congratulations to Kristine, FUAN Family Participant and FUAN September 2021 Advocate of the Month.

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