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Congratulations to Jesse West Sr. on being named the FUAN September Advocate of the Month. Jesse's relentless effort to spread Family Law Reform on the national stage is why FUAN recognizes him now.

Jesse West Sr. is the founder and President of the DADS CAN TOO organization and its Facebook page established in 2016. Jesse is a devoted father and a dedicated co-parent. For him, one of the most striking features of his DADS CAN TOO page is his name. He proudly added, ‘Sr.' when becoming a father. Notably, Sr. is just one of the ways he parents and creates a legacy for his son.

Like many other parents, Jesse's involvement in the Shared Parenting arena results from his divorce experience. He is soft-spoken, mild-mannered, and yet a dominant force in the Shared Parenting stage. His efforts are creating a legacy of hard work and perseverance in support of Equal Shared Parenting. He works tirelessly at creating awareness for DADS CAN TOO.

“I am working hard to show we are family, the importance of a family, and even a broken family can still be good. They are making the best of the situation rather than fighting. The child wants to love mom and dad and be picked up from school and read stories at night with both parents.

“Everything I do is to be available for my son. I work jobs around the clock when not with him.

“Your child walks up, gives you a big hug, and says I love you daddy…you cannot replace that. 

Jesse West Sr.

“So many are missing out on what they could have if the laws were equal with Shared Parenting. All the money spent on court could be used for vacations or birthdays. That money could make family life more enjoyable instead of stressing out about how to do this or that or the next upcoming court date.”  

“Shared Parenting is more about opportunities to make memories with all members of the family. It's about smiles, hugs, making memories, and the unexplainable joy of just being happy.”

Jesse demonstrates respect for the mother of their son. “She is still the mother of my child, and to have that role is the way it should be. I let her know and thank her for being the mother of my child.” I let him pick out a gift and send a message of “Happy Mothers' Day” and “thank you for being a good mother.” He does the same for her on birthdays and Christmas.

Mom and Dad celebrated the 7th birthday of their son together. It was exciting for everybody. “First time doing so, was so great to finally co-parent.” 

Jesse proudly shares that his son has a toy lawnmower, toy blower, and trimmer and follows him around the yard. His son does not see this as a chore because he is doing what daddy's doing. Jesse's son loves that they are making memories. His son even puts his toy mower on Jesse's lawn equipment trailer, just like Dad does. Jesse learned plumbing, drywall, electrical, and even carpentry from watching and helping his dad, all before age eighteen. He enjoys teaching his son about the same things.

He takes his responsibilities seriously. “Another reason I keep on going even knowing this is an uphill battle is because this is not just my voice. I am now speaking for millions of children and non-custodial parents worldwide. My voice brings joy, extra energy, and reassurance that what we are doing is right. It's a great feeling to be in a position to speak for these people.”

Jesse was born in Saint Louis, Missouri, and grew up in Springfield, Illinois, where he still lives. He had some college before going into business for himself doing lawn care and construction. He and his current wife have a blended family of three boys.

We are pleased to be associated with someone of Jesse's ideals. FUAN appreciates what he does for the Family Law Reform cause. He loves the out-of-doors, especially camping. He says, “Anything with family is what I like to do. Life without family is no kind of life to live.” Again, congratulations to Jesse on being named FUAN September 2020 Advocate of the Month!

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