How to Protect Your Family from Child Protective Services

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image of ToyA Johnson and Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

Watch the video or simply listen to ToyA Johnson, FUAN Vice President and co-founder of Iowa Citizens For Justice talk with Normalanga Moses of Dr. Boyce Watkins #IntellectualChocolate series. The topics discussed include information in protecting yourself, your children and your family when it comes to interacting with child protective services.

ToyA Johnson is a Des Moines native. She received the majority of her education here in Des Moines, graduating from Theodore Roosevelt High School in 1993. She attended Iowa State University's Summer Enrichment Program and three semesters at Iowa State.

However, ToyA would soon realize the path she thought she wanted was not the path for her. She would come home work various jobs and soon began working for herself, first as a Childcare provider and later as a Consultant. She married and had children. During that time, ToyA received three degrees from Des Moines Area Community College.

While attending DMACC, ToyA was the president of the African American Student Alliance. She discovered her passion for helping others in her community. Whether it was friends needing help or a stranger who handed ToyA her contact information, she gives her all to provide them with them with the best service possible.

In 2014 Iowa Citizens For Justice was formed, to give voice to the people who seemed to go unheard. They began organizing, holding peaceful rallies and town hall meetings. They attended calls to action and meetings to address the needs of the community and offer solutions to meeting those needs. ICFJ continues to collaborate with organizations like Families United Action Network. ToyA is currently the Vice President of FUAN, where she works diligently seeking justice for families caught in the family law circuit.

“We can not regulate morality, we can, however, legislate accountability.”ToyA Johnson