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FUAN October 2021 Advocate of the Month, Kenneth Rosa
FUAN October 2021 Advocate of the Month, Kenneth Rosa

Congratulations to Kenneth Rosa for being selected as FUAN October 2021 Advocate of the Month! Kenneth was born in Oklahoma and grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. He received an associate’s degree and is a self-employed contractor. Kenneth is the father of six and currently lives in St. Louis, Missouri.

Kenneth is the Media Director of The Fathers Rights Movement, with over one million plus followers on all their social media platforms. He is the Wednesday night host of TFRM live Rosa. Kenneth joined The Fathers’ Rights Movement in 2016 when he started working on equal Shared Parenting with legislation. This position has led him all over the United States. In 2019, he began collaborating to create new media and content for TFRM, allowing him to coach, mentor, and advise while reaching out to fathers every day to help them through their struggles with the family court system. Kenneth continues to bring new content and collaborate on ways to provide awareness to the systematic problems fathers face and looking for solutions that one day all children will have equal access to both loving parents. He has helped the Executive Director add new media personalities and talent to continue to globally spread awareness that fathers are just as important and should be considered equal parents of their children.

Kenneth is currently working on a new book, a memoir on how to navigate mistakes compounded by the predatory family court system. He also participates in podcasts as well as other endeavors. He continues to have input for legislative actions working towards a better future for our children by supporting equal Shared Parenting with both fit, willing, and able parents. 

We love all our fathers out there and the women that support them.

Recently he’s been covering family court corruption and educating fathers to be proactive in their pursuit of equality with their children.

At the end of the day, Kenneth is most proud of the future he is striving to help bring about for all children, but especially the ones he loves dearly and that call him dad. He enjoys writing, politics, camping, floating and outdoor hikes.

You can find all of his information and work at TFRM.org or The Fathers Rights Movement on Facebook or YouTube.

Again, Congratulations Kenneth on being named FUAN October 2021 Advocate of the Month!

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