FUAN October 2020 Advocate of the Month

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Bryan Iehl has once again been named FUAN Advocate of the Month. He is our first Advocate to receive this honor for a second time. He is recognized for his more than 20 years of service in the Family Law Reform movement and leadership of a valued associate organization, IowaFathers.

Despite his hectic schedule, Bryan has been an active FUAN participant and successful leader of his organization. He founded his organization in 2003 after a bitter custody battle for his oldest daughter. 

Bryan is a Safety and Training Supervisor for the Durham Schools in Ankeny. He is also the owner of Craftguard Metal Finishing and has a Master's Degree in Legal Studies. 

Bryan works tirelessly as an unpaid lobbyist helping to spread the word about the need for Family Law Reform and especially parental equality through Shared Parenting. His study on child custody, conducted in 2011, remains the only one of its kind ever in Iowa and is referenced often to show inequalities. It is people like Bryan, with his passion for what is right, that will be the driving force to help us change things for the better. Bryan's passion aligns with FUAN's to create this change for all Iowa families and families throughout the world.

“Children need both parents. Minus a governmental compelling interest, joint physical care should be the presumption. Our legislature has failed the children of Iowa to this point.”  

~Bryan Iehl~

Bryan's work has also been instrumental in providing information to attorneys and members of the appellate court over the years, leading to favorable outcomes for parents. This work includes the Weichers case, where a judge refused to recuse himself for lack of impartiality and forced the case back to the trial court. There, it was heard by a different and impartial judge. Also influenced by Bryan was the Whiteside caseThis case established that the party filing contempt of court cannot be assessed attorney fees of opposing legal counsel. Since this is the only avenue available to noncustodial parents to seek enforcement of a court order, it was invaluable. We have great admiration for Bryan and his IowaFathers organization, which has made great strides in the courtroom with these and other cases.

Also, Bryan has written articles published in magazines, newspapers, and online publications. He has earned recognition by experts in Family Law, including attorneys, media outlets, federal legislators, and state legislators. He has even attended a hearing in Washington D.C., to speak on the importance of parental equality with numerous members of Congress. Legislators on both the state and federal levels refer constituents to Bryan for support and information.

Bryan has enjoyed having joint physical care of his youngest daughter and says it is far superior to the role he played in the life of his oldest daughter as a noncustodial parent, with a minimized parenting role. He knows firsthand that the communication is better and less stressful with a joint physical care arrangement as opposed to the traditional primary custodial parent relationship.

We at FUAN, feel that Bryan is first-rate when it comes to championing the cause for Family Law Reform and Shared Parenting. We proudly name him Advocate of the month for the second time. Congratulations, Bryan!