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Congratulations to Shane Jacobs, the October 2018 FUAN Advocate of the Month.

A big FUAN shout out to Shane Jacobs, the October 2018 FUAN Advocate of the Month. Shane was chosen for his work within several parental rights organizations. His efforts go hand in hand with Family Law Reform and a parent's right to determine what is best for their children.

The day his daughter Kailyn was born and placed in his arms, Shane says he knew he had found his purpose in life… He was going to be her dad and promised himself he would be the strongest, most significant, most loving man she would ever know in her life.

Tragically the following year, he had to make the decision to take his forty-nine-year-old Mother off life support due to her lung disease, COPD. Shane now had lost both his Grandmother (who was a pivotal figure in his life) and his Mother.

He never knew his biological father but, when he was fourteen years old, he met the man his Mother had always said was his father. Unfortunately, the man wasn’t very receptive to the idea of fatherhood.

Shane promised himself when he had children, they would never wonder who their father was, where he was, or if he wanted to be part of their life. They would know for sure.

Shane Jacobs was born in Cedar Rapids and has lived most of his life there. Later, Shane moved from Cedar Rapids to a little town called Watkins where he worked at a transmission shop run by a great family that became like his second family. Later, he moved to Keystone, Iowa where he went to work for a farmer putting in extremely long hours 365 days a year.

A son was added to the family, and Shane felt his family was now complete. Life was good.

JocobsKidsImage of Baby LincolnImage of ShaneAndKaitlyn

One day while combining, he received the phone call, the one no one ever expects to get, from the fire chief telling him about a horrible accident and to come immediately. He saw a helicopter landing as he raced through the country. Shane’s wife and daughter were critically injured. His son died in the awful crash. Their van had flipped and rolled. Everyone in the vehicle had been thrown out of it.

His family had just been torn apart in a way he never thought possible. Then not long after the accident, Shane lost his job because he chose to stay home to help his wife during her rehabilitation. He found a house in north-central Iowa. He purchased and remodeled it. Despite all his efforts and long hours of hard work driving a livestock truck to provide for his family, Shane's marriage failed.

During 2011, he moved to Kanawha, Iowa to raise his daughter. Their home is on a beautiful acreage in the country… A perfect place to raise his family.

Even after a 2- year fight to maintain custody and to learn to jump through every hoop the DHS put in his way, Shane’s daughter has never left his side. Through all of the legal wrangling, he's unearthed a passion he never knew existed in him. He's discovered empathy and compassion for the rights of fathers who want and deserve to be in their children’s lives every day.

Shane doesn’t have a high school diploma and a bunch of degrees. He doesn’t wear a suit, but what he does have is the life experience that not many would want. He says he's learned a lot about personality characteristics, Parental Alienation, Domestic Abuse, Hidden Drug Use and more. His observations and insights have ignited a desire in him to help fight for the best interest of our children as well as the rights of both parents to be part of their child’s life.

He believes in a Rebuttable Presumption of Shared Parenting plan unless, of course, the other parent is proven unfit. He feels something needs to be done about the problem of Parental Alienation. He thinks there needs to be a law with severe repercussions for any false accusations of abuse to gain leverage in custody in divorces.

Shane is an editor with The Father's Rights Movement of Iowa (TFRM).  He also helps the Minnesota and Central Fathers’ Rights Chapters to spread awareness by reaching out to thousands of people daily.

He is an editor for Justice4Glen, a Facebook page where he has been asked to help tell the story of a fallen father and soldier who suffered parental alienation, domestic abuse, physical emotional and mental abuse from a wife suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder.

Logo for Lincoln's Way

Shane is a member of the Paternal Guardians of Iowa. He's the President of Lincolns Way, an expansion of the Paternal Guardians of Iowa honoring the memory of his son Lincoln. That group will help fight the fatherless epidemic by focusing on the rural community and giving back.

Some of the projects they will be working on include purchasing band instruments for families in hard times, helping with clothing for sporting events so that children can participate in school activities that otherwise wouldn’t, and assisting with book and tuition scholarships.

We commend Shane for being a survivor and his many good works. We congratulate him for being chosen FUAN Advocate of the Month. 

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