November 2017 FUAN Advocate of the Month – Joel Jackson

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November 2017 ADVOCATE Joel Jackson

We would like to congratulate Joel Jackson as the November FUAN Advocate of the Month. Joel was chosen due to his high visibility advocacy within the state of Iowa the last few months. There is not an event, meeting, function, gathering, shindig, or hootenanny that he has not attended to help spread awareness of Family Law Reform.

Joel Jackson was born in Cedar Falls Iowa. He is the middle child of four brothers. His parents divorced when he was young. His father left his mother to raise five boys.

Photo of Joel Jackson By the age of 18, he was a father to two boys. He found himself raising his oldest son alone when the boy's mother walked out. At the age of 27, he returned to college earning a degree in Natural Resources Management.

At the age of 29, Joel became a father of a beautiful baby girl and found himself back in family court to establish his rights and parenting time for his daughter. 

More recently, Joel discovered support teams and learned about advocates who can help him with his fights against what he terms Kangaroo courts. He has been vigorously working on helping families understand their rights and what to do and not do when DHS/CPS enters there life. Joel focuses on the child/children needs, and how the court process affects the children in many ways. He suggests mediation over courts for families. He has been advocating in family law for nearly ten years and recommends mediation and co-parenting as the best for the children.

Joel has recently become involved with FUAN and Iowa Family Preservation Project, working with the committee members and groups on coming up with concerns and ways to reform the current DHS policies.

Joel says his future looks very busy, but in a good way. He cannot think of a better way to move forward in life than to help other families and all the children that are being victims and torn apart from the corruption of the courts. He plans to become a certified Advocate and work with others to make a change.

With other advocates, he would like to offer services to help families get to the court hearings, doctor appointments, and other places they need to go to stay in compliance with the orders of the courts and Department of Human Services. He feels this would alleviate a lot of stress for those that have no transportation by allowing them to follow court orders.

Joel is willing to help in whatever way he can from writing grants to assisting families to decide what documents to file with the court when to submit them, and actually assisting with the filing process. He can serve subpoenas if he is in the area, or work as a communicator for parents needing help with issues. He will be an ear to listen if you just feel hopeless and need to talk, or pick up or drop off children for parents that cannot meet without conflict. Most of this he is willing to do with little or no charge.

Joel can be contacted by email at

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