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Mother's Day 2019 - Families United Action Network

Mother’s Day 2019 is upon us, and we want you to know: YOU ARE STILL A MOM!

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This is a guest contribution written by Julia Brophy.

Mother’s Day 2019 is a day of the year on which mothers are honored by their children. It is nearly impossible this time of year to step into any store and not be reminded of this upcoming holiday. Even the internet has a barrage of advertisements of the “best” Mother’s Day gifts that can be given, videos reminding you to appreciate mom, and what restaurant to take her to. The card aisle is filled with cards to tickle your fancy whatever that may be…serious, sugar sweet, or funny.

After all, this is a special occasion. On Sunday, perhaps you and many of your Facebook friends will be busy typing up an obligatory monologue about how much love and appreciation you have for your mothers.

Many will overlook these public letters to mothers and will continue scrolling through the multitude of pictures and posts about moms written by our family and friends and go on with their day. It may not be because they don’t care. Perhaps the bond has been broken between the mother and the child, but we hope that the bond can be rekindled and a relationship rebuilt.

Too often, people take for granted the importance of the mother-child bond that this day is celebrating. They are oblivious to or simply overlook the harsh reality that there are mothers who will not be honored on this day by no fault of their own. That there are mothers and children, who will not be celebrating this special day together.

We understand that even if you can “get your child back,” months and even years have been lost and much damage has been done. We are so sorry!

To the mother whose relationship with her child has been destroyed because of the faults of the family court, we see you.

We know the agony and the torment that you and your child are experiencing every day.

We see that you are not giving up. We see the warrior you are, fighting to put the pieces of your family back together.

We honor the woman attempting to heal those broken pieces and restoring the bond that should have never been broken.

You and your child have endured too much. We see you.

Maybe you are the mother that reached out for help and had your child(ren) taken from you and placed with the very one you were trying to protect them from, your abuser. When an unexpected knock came to your door, it was Child Protective Services there to investigate because of false allegations, and you were never given the opportunity to defend the truth.

Some of you mothers have fought desperately for months, maybe even years, for your child. And even though you are still haunted by the pain of the past, a pain that will forever be engrained within you, you and your child(ren) are finally together again..if you are one of the lucky ones.

Some of you should have been reunited with your child long ago. After all, shouldn’t the goal always be the reunification of families? Right now, you may not be with your child. Right now, you may not even know where your child is living. But understand this, YOU are still a mother, and we see you. We see the warrior in you. We admire your tenacity. We love YOU. Mother’s Day is still your day. Stay strong and remember that on this Mother’s Day, we honor you.

If you are a mom reading this that has been alienated from her children in the past or are currently going through the battle, we want to hear from you.

Whether it was because of a custody battle or a DHS/CPS case, please get in touch with us. We would like to send you a Mother’s Day card.

We are looking for moms who would like to submit “An Open Letter to my Child” post that will be ANONYMOUS. We want to give the public insight into the pain moms go through every day…and especially on Mother’s Day…when they have been alienated from their child.

If you would like to submit an “open letter” to your child to be ANONYMOUSLY displayed on our blog, please send those letters here or use Facebook Messenger to share them with us. Here's the FUAN Family Participant Facebook Page to get you started.

Click this link to see a sample of an open letter to a child. It may not the greatest example, but there wasn’t much out there. We would like to change that as we want the public to become more aware of what is right in front of them.

We are here for you, Moms! We are sorry for what you have gone through and what you are currently going through today, Mother's Day 2019.

This article is a guest submission by Julia Brophy of Ankeny, Iowa. DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in guest posts, are the personal opinions of the author. They may or may not reflect the views of the Families United Action Network (FUAN) or its individual members. Note that submissions may be edited for clarity if needed. 

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