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Iowa District Court Judge Upholds Parenting Rights Amid Covid-19 Conditions

(Sioux City, Iowa) Friday, July 10, 2020 –
Families United Action Network, ( https://www.familiesunite.org), announced today that District Court Judge Patrick Tott found a mother in contempt of court who was attempting to limit a father's summer visitation because of COVID-19 concerns.  

The father, Jerry Beavers, has court-ordered summer visitation with his two minor children but was denied that time when his ex-wife refused to turn over the children to him during Memorial Day weekend. Mr. Beavers was left with no choice but to file a contempt of court action and ask the Iowa court for clarification in this new world created by the pandemic.  

Judge Tott ruled from the bench after testimony was taken by both sides and noted that COVID-19 is a concern for all but not a reason to violate a court order and deny parenting time. This was especially important to Mr. Beavers, whose children were moved 17 hours away after his ex-wife filed for divorce and relocated against his wishes. 

Judge Tott's ruling is believed to be one of the first, if not the first, ruling in the State of Iowa regarding COVID-19 and its effects on parental rights. Mr. Beaver's attorney, Rosanne Plante, believes this is an important ruling for preserving parental rights and encouraging co-parenting during the pandemic conditions. 

FUAN has been actively supporting parents' rights during the pandemic and made recommendations to Governor Reynolds regarding parenting time interferences due to Covid-19 concerns. 

For more information on the court's ruling, media inquiries, or Families United Action Network, please email: fuanetwork@gmail.com or call FUAN at 515 419-9191. FUAN can put you in touch with the client or the attorney from this case or other families who suffered from parenting time interferences.


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