May 2017 FUAN Advocate of the Month – Welch & Ludwig

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May 2017 FUAN Advocates of the Month

As a nod to the astrological sign of Gemini, we are happy to announce two people making a difference in the quest for Family Law Reform… Edmund Welch and Mark Ludwig. Take a few minutes to read about how their efforts are making family life better.

Families United Action Network is pleased to recognize Edmund Welch as one of Two Advocates of the Month for May 2017.

FUAN has chosen Edmund Welch for his incredible community service work. By focusing his efforts on the community, his reputation has snowballed and made him a force of power within the Family Law Reform (FLR) movement.

Edmund is a father and family law reform advocate. He grew up believing that if he worked hard and was a responsible citizen, he would be able to live the American dream… including getting married and raising children. What Edmund did not realize at the time was that his child's mother had already pre-determined to take away his parental rights from him before he even got his chance to be a father.

Edmund discovered after having a son of his own that he never stood a chance for getting married. Even after he worked two jobs to buy food and diapers for his baby, he couldn’t fight against the system. When she applied for assistance stating that the father was nonexistent, free money became available for the mother of the child. Getting married would mean getting cut off from the money and social programs.

Edmund started educating men after the family courts attempted to drive him out of his own son’s life. This event created a fire inside of him that he now uses to light the way for others. After several years in the family court system, Edmund founded Disgusted Dads.

Edmund spent six years responding to allegations without being provided proper charges. Edmund discovered that the reasons for these accusations were strongly linked to the expedited application process. When there are charges against a father, the mother making the allegations will qualify for expedited services.

Rather than being able to be a dad and enjoy raising his son, Edmund has spent the last six years responding to false allegations. During this time, he discovered a system that purported to protect children but was using children to fund and perpetuate single motherhood.

The very same system that claims that fathers are deadbeats cost him his job and caused him to miss most of the precious moments in his young son’s life. Edmund gives back to the community by educating other men and women on what is causing the single parent epidemic in the poor neighborhoods.

Edmund now spends his time showing others how the so-called family court system and the Title IV-D and VAWA business operates. He is spotlighting the adverse effects it is having on little girls, marriage, and fatherhood in these poor neighborhoods.

Edmund is a family law reform advocate who has helped others understand that this is not just a divorce problem. Edmund fearlessly opens up on topics that most politicians and others in the system would rather keep secret. The systems like VAWA and Title IV-D that supposedly protect children are teaching children that cutting daddy out brings benefits.

Edmund has identified women in poor neighborhoods have developed a culture taught to each subsequent generation. The culture of living on social programs has created an epidemic that single motherhood is a way of life.

He advises men to be aware that girls, from a very young age, learn all they have to do to move out of their mother’s house is to have a baby because when they have a baby, they qualify to get a house, furniture, food, and clothing.

Women in these neighborhoods do not learn that hard work and careers are the way to their future dreams. Programs do not teach the skills needed to work through difficult challenges with their relationships with their mothers. Instead, they learn that having a baby opens up the checkbook of the government. Women in these neighborhoods learn that there is no monetary benefit for the mother to have a relationship with the baby’s daddy in this system.

Edmund has been on several radio shows, interviewed by filmmakers, and travels to events throughout the United States like the Restoring Freedom March in 2016. The event created awareness that family court issues are not just divorce issues.

Edmund’s message is that the family system makes money off of broken families and perpetuates broken families. They have programmed a segment of women to turn family court into a livelihood and a career. Women are using programs like VAWA not as solutions to problems like most sectors of society believe, but as an advancement of a way of life.

As the founder of Disgusted Dads, Edmund brings awareness to the unique issues that are being ignored even by other organizations fighting to change family court abuses. Edmund highlights the behavioral problems that have been created by these social programs. He has already brought positive changes to many people’s lives. He intends to continue his work so when his son is an adult; he can look forward to being a dad and not fear it. Click here to see Edmund's Facebook page.

Families United Action Network is also excited to recognize Mark Ludwig as the other Advocate of the Month for May 2017.

Mark has served on the Missouri Small Business Policy Council, and founded Americans for Equal Shared Parenting.

These days, he is the National Legislative Liaison Director for The Fathers Rights Movement. He is also a former candidate for the US Congress.

In his role of National Legislative Liaison Director, Mark coordinates the legislative efforts of the 50 state chapters of The Fathers' Rights Movement regarding Shared Parenting Legislation, enabling children to have equal parenting time with their fathers and prevent parental alienation. He feels strongly that children deserve the right to have both parents in their lives. Currently, there are over 264,000 members of The Fathers' Rights Movement.

Father to a seven-year-old son, Mark says Levi is “everything to me and the reason I will continue to fight for children everywhere to have equal access to both fit, willing, and able parents.” His primary goal is to educate and empower those wanting to make a change.

He is currently writing a book, “In Case I'm Not Here – Life Lessons from a Father to His Son.” Mark plans to use the proceeds from the book to help fund awareness and help pass legislation.

We congratulate Mark on being chosen FUAN Advocate of the Month.

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