FUAN March 2021 Advocate of the Month

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Christopher Rainbolt Advocate of the Month March 2021

Congratulations to Christopher Rainbolt for being named FUAN Advocate of the Month. Chris grew up in Okmulgee County, Oklahoma, and lives in Twinhills, Oklahoma. He is an associate in Emergency Management and Homeland Security and the father of one child and an awesome uncle to five kids.

Christopher Rainbolt

Christopher spends his time running a ranch where his goal is to grow five times the produce that he grew last year to donate to single dads and veterans. He was drawn to law reform efforts because of what he dealt with in his own case where a district judge was removed.

As an advocate for veterans and children, Christopher is truly passionate about fighting for the fundamental rights of parents at the time of birth for their children. He has spent five years trying to change things in Oklahoma. Although some of the language has been changed in small increments, it is still a push forward for children.

As a Disabled Combat Veteran, Christopher has come to realize the number of problems veterans are continuing to face in the family court system. He has spoken to many Veteran and Military committees and organizations about the issues with Family Court. In turn, progress has been slow, but he and his group are hopeful for changes to better protect those who protect our nation. 

In Oklahoma, success has come due to partnerships with Advocates in Community Outreach and Legislative Lobbyists. Oklahoma HB 1276 was the original Shared Parenting bill in 2018, and in 2020 it was passed in the Oklahoma House and Senate and signed into law by Governor Stitt. The bill was rewritten to ban the revocation of occupational and driver's licenses for unpaid child support. Lynda Steele and her work, combined with Chris’s legislative efforts, helped make it law in November of 2020.

Kyle Paskewitz, Christopher Rainbolt, Congressman Kevin Hern, Mark Ludwig, Luis Fuquen

Christopher says he is grateful to continue to be a voice for our children and veterans. He is thankful for the opportunity to work with FUAN and coming together to help other states find the language necessary to succeed.

“You can lose a battle and still win the war, as battles are but small parts of the bigger picture.”

-Christopher Rainbolt

Congratulations to Chris for being named March 2021 FUAN Advocate of the Month!