March 2020 Advocate of the Month

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Families United Action Network Advocate FUAN March 2020 AOM-Kathy Merrifield-Tillotson2020.0320
Families United Action Network Advocate FUAN March 2020 AOM-Kathy Merrifield-Tillotson2020.0320

The March 2020 FUAN Advocate of the Month is Kathy Merrifield-Tillotson. Congratulations Kathy.

Kathy gathered hundreds of testimonials from supporters in her area as well as attending the Capitol at least once a week to help lobby. Her tireless effort helps gain exposure for Families United Action Network's Mission of meaningful Family Law Reform.

Kathy's involvement began by seeing with both of her sons go through child custody battles. Neither of them came out with desirable outcomes. And then, there were hefty legal bills for them both.

At that time, she knew there had to be a better way.

Upon doing research, Kathy came across Families United Action Network and the Shared Parenting bill. She immediately understood FUAN was the organization she was looking for. She decided to get involved and help in any way possible to make Shared Parenting a reality for Iowans.

Over the past year, Kathy has gotten hundreds of letters signed by people that support Shared Parenting. She sent numerous emails to legislators in the Iowa statehouse asking them to support SF571 for Shared Parenting.

Face-to-face meetings with Kathy and these same legislators at the state capitol helped cement their support for SF571. She is a real asset to FUAN with her boundless energy and commitment to the Equal Shared Parenting cause.

Kathy and her husband Terry are residents of Des Moines. They have been married for 25 years and are managers at Capitol City Mini Storage. They also have several real estate investments that they manage together.

Kathy is a loving mother of 2 sons and two grandchildren. When she is not spending time with the grandkids, she is working hard to get the Shared Parenting bill passed and made law.

Kathy says she invests her time and energy because equal parenting is the right thing for all parents and children everywhere. We are fortunate to call Kathy Merrifield-Tillotson, a FUAN Family Participant. Once more, FUAN congratulates her on being named FUAN March 2020 Advocate of the Month.

Our March 2020 FUAN Advocate has joined some amazing and incredible people who are all working toward meaningful Family Law Reform.

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