March 2019 FUAN Advocate of the Month

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Image of Caitlyn Dixson - FUAN ADVOCATE OF THE MONTH - March 2019.

Caitlyn Dixson is a native of Pella, Iowa and proud mom of her son, Caden. Her son was born when she was seventeen, and this had a profound effect on her beginning and fueling her passion for protecting the most innocent, the unborn.

Image of Caitlyn Dixson - FUAN ADVOCATE OF THE MONTH - March 2019.

As a sophomore in college, Caitlyn was interested in family law and was considering going to law school. During the pursuit of law school, she was offered an internship with the Iowa Senate Republican Caucus. During the 2017 Legislative Session, she met and connected with dozens of legislators, making invaluable connections and getting to share her story, one that impacts any who hear it.

She was referred to FUAN by Senator Amy Sinclair and Senator Jason Schultz. With FUAN, she took more interest in the legal system and in activism, and she joined the team as FUAN’s Communications Director. Caitlyn proved to be an invaluable asset to FUAN. She has served not only as FUAN’s Communications Director but also as a lobbyist during the 2017 Legislative Session. She has been involved in a variety of tasks from editing, graphic design projects, preparation of press releases, and conducted video interviewing. Everything Caitlyn did was of excellent quality, winning her a special place in the hearts of the FUAN Board of Directors.

Caitlyn currently has chosen to pursue a different passion of hers, working as the Executive Director of Iowa Right to Life. She realizes that to advocate against and to ultimately eradicate abortion, there must be efficient and caring systems in place to take care of those children whose parents are unable or unwilling to care for them. She is dedicated to doing what she can to see that the current systems are improved to provide quality care and support to our children. With her dedication to this goal, this means that she continues to support FUAN and their efforts for Family Law Reform.

Before joining Iowa Right to Life, Caitlyn worked in non-profit communications, as well as online media. She is a graduate of Central College in Pella where she earned her B.A. in Sociology and Spanish. During her college years, she not only completed an internship with the Iowa Senate Republican Caucus during the 2017 Legislative Session, but she worked on campaigns for multiple candidates during their run for the State Legislature.

Despite her busy schedule, she donates whatever time she can. She breaks the barrier that having a child cannot stop you from succeeding. Caitlyn comes with a blended background, she has a focus in graphic design, but she is highly capable and willing to go back to her communications roots to provide effective content to convey through a variety of backgrounds.

Image of FUAN Family Lobbyists and Caitlyn Dixson
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It is people like Caitlyn that allow our organization not just to grow, but to thrive. Through her dedicated work, we have grown in our message and mission of informing people across the United States about the problems facing family law and the need for family law reform.

Congratulations, Caitlyn, for being named the March 2019 FUAN Advocateof the Month!

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