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Can One Hundred Pennies Be More Than A dollar?

Imagine stumbling across one penny. It would not be uncommon to overlook it and move on. After all, it holds less value than the dollar, and by itself holds little value in our economy. Nonetheless, it holds value.

Imagine now finding a bag filled with one hundred pennies. Suddenly, we are more inclined to pick up the bag, as these smaller values collectively add to a greater value that we may now tangibly see. The collective value of the bag of pennies is more easily seen than enduring the arduous process of collecting one hundred individual pennies.

BREAKING NEWS! Please Make A Note… SSB 3154 is Now SF 2374 


The reason for this parable is to illustrate that one hundred individual pennies from various geographic proximities holds the same value as a bag of one hundred pennies, though we process the bag of pennies as more valuable than one hundred individual pennies. The reason is simple. It is strength in numbers.

Image of FUAN Family Law Reform Supporters

The same philosophy can be applied to our voices. A group of individuals gathered together is equal to the same number scattered about though it is perceived completely differently. This concept is integral to the mission of Families United Action Network (FUAN), and the reason we have found one another. There is an undeniable value within each and every one of us. We now know we need not be the penny alone, as together we are the dollar. However, that very dollar depends on the individual value of each of us.

Image of Martin Luther King Statue for quote "The time is always right to do what is right."For too long, we have been viewed as individual pennies to an overwhelming number of legislators on the topic of custodial reform. We have our individual stories, many heartbreaking and blatantly inhumane. Unfortunately, they may not be seen as significant viewed alone.

At last, we come forward together forming bags upon bags of pennies, more than the bags can hold, overflowing from the top. We have gotten the attention of the lawmakers. Each small voice has gathered and together become a thunderous roar that has shaken our Capitol in Iowa. There is now a hope amongst the formerly oppressed. Individuals have become groups, groups have joined forces, and our voices are being heard at last.

However, the process is far from over. To become content and cease the actions that have brought us this far would inevitably end in disappointment for all the hopeful. It will not be easy to keep the big picture in mind. We do this for the children. Let the little ones who we do this for be a reminder and give us the strength to endure the impending storm. There will be acceptance, but there will also be resistance.

A line has long been drawn in the sand. We must use the strength we have gained by gathering together to fight against those who condone legal alienation of a parent from his or her children. We must join those who advocate for equal rights and time with their children.

What side will you be on? Will You Be a “Penny” That Counts?

That time is now.

This article is a guest submission by Dr. Reese R. Petersen of Clinton, Iowa [DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in guest posts, are the personal opinions of the author. They may or may not reflect the opinions of Families United Action Network (FUAN) or its individual members. Note that submissions may be edited for clarity if needed.

Image of Dr. Reese R, Peterson of Clinton, Iowa

Dr. Reese R. Petersen is a healthcare provider in Clinton, IA. When you meet him, just call him by his preferred name of Reese. He is the proud father of two sons and future WWE Superstars, Lincoln and Wyatt.

Reese has become an advocate for shared parenting as a result of his experience with Iowa custody code and court. He understands the turmoil that this arduous process places on families, one that begins at the moment of separation or divorce and continues far beyond the judicial proceedings.

Despite being a relatively busy man, Reese takes time to study Biblical theology, eschatology, and philosophy. He has also been a singer/songwriter for over half of his life.

No matter how busy his schedule may be, he always clears it when he has the opportunity to be with his children. Being self-employed has been a blessing to allow him to take off days to spend with them.

As Reese moves on with his life, he has found a new romantic interest. He is thankful for her patience, understanding, and genuine care. He believes it to be a blessing seeing the love and adoration his children and girlfriend share. He enjoys writing, and has a burning passion for “righting the wrongs of the world.”

Reese knows he cannot change everything, so he focuses much of his energy on those things which he believes he can help to influence.

To that end, Reese supports SF 2374 (formerly SSB 3154). He believes this bill can and will improve the lives of a multitude of men, women, and children… not only now, but for generations to come.