FUAN June 2021 Advocate of the Month

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FUAN AOM John Nichols
FUAN AOM John Nichols

Congratulations to John C. Nichols for being named FUAN June 2021 Advocate of the Month! John was born in Virginia in 1967 and moved to Michigan in 1999. He is the dad of two adult children, one son and one daughter. He has been an electrician for 36 years and has worked in that capacity at the University of Michigan since 1999.

John’s divorce was final in January 2010, and at that time he thought he had the best parenting plan he could get. He had ten overnights a month plus two weeks in the summer, one week over Christmas, and he rotated holidays. This arrangement was about a 60/40 split. In October 2011, John was served with a motion to change parenting time, so his ex-wife could move to Pennsylvania. This would take away more of John’s parenting time. He successfully fought this action, and his kids won. They were to remain in Michigan if his ex-wife decided to move. She did, and he became the custodial parent.

John began to get involved with the Shared Parenting movement in 2017 and tried to help get legislation passed for a rebuttable presumption as the starting point for kids to have equal or close to equal time with each parent. After that, he started the Michigan for Shared Parenting page on Facebook. The group has grown since then and has assembled a leadership team that John is honored to work with. 

“Our kids are not a drive-through happy meal at McDonalds, they are kids that do not deserve a rocket docket in court.”

~ Attorney Jennifer Paine
John Nichols with FUAN Banner

John and the team worked for over a year to draft and submit legislation to two representatives who have committed to co-sponsor the proposed bill. He is also the editor for the Michigan page of Americans for Equal Shared Parenting and has attended all the AFESP conferences. He has also attended a recent legislative training conference in St. Louis and attended CPAC this year to talk to legislators about Title IV-D reform. Last year, John was part of a team that went to the United States Capitol and met with several Senators and several members of Congress to discuss Title IV-D reform.

John is involved as a FUAN Family Participant, through Michigan for Shared Parenting, an Allied organization. He is a huge NASCAR fan and enjoys camping with his family and grandchildren. FUAN appreciates his relentless work in our combined efforts towards shared parenting everywhere!

Please check out Michigan for Shared Parenting on Facebook and our their website. 

John Nichols
John Nichols with kids

Congratulations to John C. Nichols for being named FUAN June 2021 Advocate of the Month!