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FUAN June 2020 Advocate

Congratulations to Brian Ulrich for being named FUAN June 2020 Advocate of the Month. Brian is originally from our neighboring state of Minnesota, where he was born and raised. He graduated from Concordia College in Morehead, Minnesota, in 1982 with a Bachelor of Arts with a special emphasis in Accounting.

As is the case with many FUAN participants, Brian has been divorced and has two children from that marriage. He was also involved in a custody case involving a third child. He is now re-married for nearly ten years. Brian says he has not only three daughters and three stepsons but also daughter-in-laws and grandchildren, making a total of 19 family members.

Brian has become known for his work in changing child custody and support laws in Minnesota. He organized a 7 County Court File Study for Dissolution with Children cases in 2011. The purpose was to determine the outcomes of these cases for children with their fathers. Factors that were evaluated included 

  • who filed the case, 
  • who was granted legal and physical custody, 
  • who had an attorney, 
  • parenting time, 
  • and how the cases were resolved.

Brian also co-lead an effort to improve the Child Custody and Support Laws in Minnesota. In conjunction with this, he served as a citizen lobbyist, helping to draft and pass a new Child Custody and Parenting Time bill (HF322) through the Minnesota House & Senate in 2012. Unfortunately, it was pocket vetoed by Governor Dayton.

Brian also participated in the Minnesota Child Custody Dialogue Group in 2013 through 2015 that was formed as a result of Governor Dayton’s pocket veto letter. The group successfully initiated and helped passed into law 18 new statutes over a 2-year period, which impacted custody, parenting time, and child support.

In 2015, Brian was appointed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) Commissioner to serve on the Minnesota Child Support Work Group. He served on the Minnesota Child-Focused Parenting Time Guide Group, which recently published an update to the book. This effort was overseen by the Minnesota State Court Administrator’s Office.

He is also a member of the National Child Support Enforcement Association (NCSEA). Brian helps the National Parents Organization (NPO). He is a Senior Child Support Researcher there. 

Brian is a FUAN contributor too, and is instrumental in the effort for the NPO to become a FUAN allied organization. 

His dream in retirement is to winter with his wife near Padre Island in South Texas and to spend lots of time with his family back home.

Again, congratulations to Brian for being chosen FUAN June 2020 Advocate of the Month.

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