June 2018 FUAN Advocate of the Month – Philly Slimm

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Congratulations to the June 2018 FUAN Advocate of the Month, Philly Slimm.

Philly is no stranger to most who are actively involved in the Family Law Reform movement as he is a national leader of custodial reforms. His voice, his activism, his music, and most of all his passion have earned him the June 2018 FUAN Advocate of the Month Award.


Jason Frazier a.k.a. Philly Slimm was born September 15th, 1981 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at JFK Hospital. Jason, by age 12, started developing an ear for music, mimicking artist that he looked up to such as Will Smith, Biggy, and Nas to name a few. With 5 older siblings, 4 brothers and 1 sister, Jason was the baby of the family, but sure to leave his mark. As an early teen, Jason wrote his very first song titled “Remember me.”

By the time Jason was 19, his family had moved to Denver, and he began to perform as a cover and for Eminem at local bars adopting the name Slimm. Given the fact that Jason looks a lot like the well-known rapper Eminem, at age 20 he was invited to the 2001 Grammy awards along with the Real Slim Shady video. After being behind the scene and seeing the production process, Jason decided the sky was the limit. 

Photo of Philly Slimm speaking at an Americans for Equal Shared Parenting Event

After Jason's first son Mekhi was born, he decided Denver was no longer the place for him. Long-time friend Eric Robb was living in New York at the time and told Slimm that he knew someone, who knew someone, encouraging him to come to New York.

PHILLY took off to the Big Apple in hopes of fulfilling his dreams as a rapper, leaving behind his newborn son Mekhi. Eric introduced him to Shawn W., owner of a small record label, Platinum Entertainment, where Jason began recording and making all the right connections with MTV, BET and more.

A year later, Jason released himself from the label and went solo back to Denver to be with his family. Little did he know what was about to happen upon his return? Once in Denver, Philly was jailed due to domestic complications from his now ex-wife. Picture of Philly Slimm next to a FUAN Banner

Five years later Philly is now back on top of his game and more eager than ever to make a name for himself again. In 2009 Jason started a clothing line called “SUCKA FREE” with his friend Mark F. The line was a huge success until he had a falling out with his partner. Philly signed the clothing line over to Mark and broke free.

Now in his 30's Philly, is BACK and ready to hit the ground running with numerous projects coming soon. He has a new radio program called “NO EXCUSES” on Blog Talk Radio, just another stepping stone to success.

Recently, Philly performed and also spoke on behalf of Shared Parenting at the world's largest Shared Parenting rally in Washington DC, “Capitol for Kids.” He continues to speak out as he leads his local movement in Colorado while also being one of the most significant national voices.

Congratulations and thank you to our friend and June 2018 FUAN Advocate of the Month, Philly Slimm. 

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