July 2017 FUAN Advocate of the Month – Jeremy Roberts

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July 2017 FUAN Advocate of the Month

Jeremy Roberts is the July 2017 FUAN Advocate of the Month. We have chosen him because his efforts in Missouri and Nationally have made him a clear leader in the Parental Equality Movement.

Jeremy Roberts is the The Father's Rights Movement's (TFRM) Legislative Executive Manager. Jeremy’s background includes being a father, professional hockey referee, National-Referee-in-Chief, and Letter Carrier with the United States Postal Service. Additionally, he was one of many who played an instrumental role introducing legislation in Missouri’s General Assembly, resulting with HB1550 (2016) being signed into law on July 1st, 2016.

Jeremy’s past has cultivated a thorough, detail-oriented individual who created various long-term hockey rule-books, developed training materials and pioneered a national department including approximately seventy-five contracted employees from all over the United States and Canada.

The main focuses included:

  • Developing a cohesive approach for officials to address real-life situations in a consistent and objective manner while utilizing the language of the rules and their interpretations,
  • Leading rule development committees,
  • Structuring an in-depth disciplinary system, and
  • Recognizing the need for adjusting any imbalance between areas of an official’s discretion and the overall intended design.

A staunch supporter of due process and equal protection, Jeremy’s determination and focus seeks to improve the status quo within the current Family Court system throughout all fifty states, in the best interest of our children.

For more information about Jeremy's work Click Here.

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