FUAN January 2021 Advocate of the Month

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FUAN January 2021 Advocate of the Month

Congratulations to George Saldana on being named the FUAN January 2021 Advocate of the Month. George was born and raised in the San Antonio and Houston, Texas areas. His parents never married and separated when he was young.

George is the founder of Interference with Child Custody Texas Penal Code 25.03, a grassroots organization based in San Antonio, Texas. The organization is available on all social media platforms. George Saldana helps children reunite with their parents, as a judge has already deemed it was in their best interest. Texas Penal Code 25.03 Interference with Child Custody is a felony in the state of Texas. The group's goal is to reunite families and is not intended to make parents felons, but to ensure children have the relationship and access to both parents, which has been deemed in the child's best interest.

George is the founder of Interference with Child Custody Texas Penal Code 25.03,

Legislative intent is how the law is written.

There’s no interpretation or opinions given to the law.

~ George Saldana ~

Before starting the grassroots organization on social media, George spent over two decades working as a professional firefighter in Texas. George has spent most of his life serving as a public servant, and he continues to volunteer his time to help educate parents about the laws of Texas and their parental rights. After a successful two-year span of helping children and parents reunite, the movement has grown in members. Since the start of this movement, the organization has expanded with more parents participating in helping one another. George has become a figure in the parental rights movement in Texas as an advocate for children. His efforts have brought on change and uplifted parents’ hopes to reunite with their children. George’s Facebook group is a working group that promotes and encourages parents to help support change within the current family laws and step outside of their comfort zone.  

George is passionate about this movement as he is a father of three children that have been kept from him because of a court order. His experiences are like many others. Each and every day, he dedicates time to either his case, his members’ cases, or running the grassroots organization that he founded. George enjoys cooking and making new friends.

He is a valued FUAN Family Participant. Congratulations to George for being named FUAN January 2021 Advocate of the Month!

If you are a parent or know of a parent interested in supporting parental rights and want to join the movement, do not hesitate to reach out to George. You can reach George at Texas25.03@gsaldana@gmail.com.