January 2020 Advocate of the Month

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FUAN January 2020 AOM-Dr. Mark Roseman

Congratulations to our FUAN January 2020 Advocate of the Month – Dr. Mark David Roseman.

Photo of Mark D. Roseman, Ph.D.

Dr. Roseman is part of the FUAN Legislative Lobbying & Strategy Committee (LLSC), as well as a frequent FUAN contributor. He has helped to organize and attend Family Law Reform events in Iowa, his native land of Florida, and throughout the country and the entire globe. He is a man of hands-on action who has helped to influence the nation with his writings while also devoting personal attention to individuals and their cases.

Dr. Mark David Roseman is an author, writer, and international lecturer in high conflict divorce, parental alienation, and child custody. Roseman hosts a new weekly Q&A podcast on these subjects, Ask Dr. Mark! every Thursday evening on the Dad Talk Today Facebook Live. 

Dr. Roseman has worked in the co-parenting field since 1999 when he served as Assistant Director for Child Access Services with the Children’s Rights Council in Washington, DC. While there, he worked closely with Shared Parenting pioneer, Attorney David L. Levy. Mr. Levy is the co-founder of the Children’s Rights Council, with whom he assisted in bringing joint custody to nearly 30 states.

A researcher, family mediator, and writer, Dr. Roseman is author of Preserving Family Ties, An Authoritative Guide to Understanding Divorce and Child Custody for Parents and Family Professionals (Site).  

FUAN January 2020 AOM-Dr. Mark Roseman

Roseman serves as CEO of the Toby Center for Family Transitions, which he founded in Florida in 2010 and which has emerged as a major provider of supervised visitation services and reunification therapy in the State.

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Based in Delray Beach with more than a dozen locations in Florida, The Toby Center offers court-ordered clinical and non-clinical services for children in foster care, and each year assists several hundred alienated and estranged children suffering through child custody litigation in family court.

In 2019, the Toby Center began expanding to metropolitan areas outside Florida, and the organization plans to bring its reunification programs to Mexico City and other metropolitan areas throughout the Western Hemisphere. 

A father of three, Dr. Roseman earned his doctorate in Family Studies from the Union Institute & University with a specialty in therapeutic interventions for high conflict divorce. An authority on Shared Parenting, Roseman, is frequently asked to testify in cases where the courts need to understand the research of child outcomes when parents choose to separate.  

Toby Center Dr Mark Roseman, FUAN Founder Nicholas Dreeszen, and NFLPC Founder Sherry Palmer

He is a graduate of the Union Institute & University and former professor in Human Communication and Family Studies. Dr. Roseman served as a columnist with Knight-Ridder Tribune Syndicate appearing in more than 400 newspapers, and as a contributor to the Huffington Post (2000-2006).

He enjoys using humor in his public speaking and client consultations. Dr. Roseman, a former standup comic, believes “if it takes less energy to laugh, and it helps, then, why not! It couldn’t hurt!”

We are fortunate to call Dr. Mark Roseman a FUAN Family leader and congratulate him on being named FUAN January 2020 Advocate of the Month.