January 2018 FUAN Advocate of the Month – Nancy Stillians

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Congratulations to Nancy Stillians for being named FUAN Advocate of the Month!

Nancy or Nan is undoubtedly one of the most noticeable presences within Iowa advocates and known to all Iowa legislators. Her fierce, fiery, persistence gives her an edge that makes her as powerful as any ten other advocates.


Since retiring in 1995, Nancy has volunteered in social/political campaigns.

She joined the struggle for family rights against Iowa DHS and has been fully occupied with volunteer work since that time.

Nancy was born and raised in the Des Moines area. She attended Drake University where she received her BFA. Nancy obtained her MFA from Columbia in New York City where she received the Lydia Roberts Fellowship.

She also studied post MFA at the University of Iowa and University of Hawaii. Nancy taught at the Des Moines Art Center, Grinnell High School, Iowa City High, the University of Hawaii.

She has also served as... 

  • Program Director for the Arts Council
  • Assistant Director for Young Audiences
  • A writer for the Missouri Reporter, Iowa Legislative News Service, and Communicorp
  • Assistant Director of Programs and Publications, IPRT, ISU.

Nancy says that the arts and literature of her early life kept her busy and happy despite political jolts and changes.

However, in her 80's she "learned about the misery of families whose children were stolen into Iowa's awful version of CINA."

She joined a grandmother in Dubuque to recover granddaughters stolen by CPS and deliberately assigned to a couple known to be brutally incompetent, a struggle that continues.

She sees FUAN as vital to efforts for cleaning out and reforming Iowa's CPS, and even more importantly, to promoting shared parenting.

Again, Congratulations, Nancy, for being this month's Advocate for Family Law Reform!

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