Iowa Family Preservation Townhall Forum – In Case You Missed It

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Iowa Family Preservation Townhall Forum

Thank you to everyone who attended the Iowa Family Preservation Townhall Forum at Jenny's Diner in Clinton, Iowa yesterday! Your support means so much to Iowa Families and us.

The meeting's goals are to increase awareness about:

  • Iowa and national (and Clinton Co) CPS corruptions, mishaps, and failures. As well as to expose how their failures affect the future relationships of custodial divisions.
  • The front lines of children’s safety; Parents, family, police, CPS, and the Iowa courts.
  • Domestic Violence/disturbances; “The Hard Truths”

The Iowa Family Preservation Townhall Forum accomplished the objectives, but there is still a long way to go to reform family laws so families are put first in the eyes of the law. Keep talking and sharing stories and information FUAN can use to advocate for changes in legislation. Contact FUAN.


Thank You Polk county sheriff candidate Dan Charleston, US Senate candidates Michael Thrams & Charles Aldrich, Iowa House Representative Norlin Mommsa, Elaine Willey , Judy Barnett, Iowa House Representative Mary Wolfe, Toya Msswagg Johnson, Travis Grassel, Merlyn Malone Law, Tanya Myer, Nicholas Dreeszen, the Craig family, Heather Sheath, Jaimee Crete, Dillon Wyckoff, Tom McDermott, Anthony WynKoop, Melissa Martin and everyone else who made time to attend the Forum today.

Also thanks to Jennys Diner for hosting the event.

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