What You Need To Know About The Iowa Caucuses and Family Law Reform

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Go to your Iowa Caucuses to make your voice heard

By Rosanne Plante

Go to your Iowa Caucuses to make your voice heard

Have you ever dreamed about being powerful and influential? Have you ever thought you could add ideas and value to the current political climate? Maybe you just want your voice to be heard. 

February 3rd marks the date of the Iowa caucuses. With our first in the nation status, the nation and the world will be watching to see the outcome as we begin another race to the White House. In addition to choosing presidential candidates, there are also many other contested seats for Congress and state offices.  Delegates will be selected for our county, district and state conventions as well as committee members to construct the party platform which can be as challenging as running for office.

The party platform is the guiding agenda that the delegates debate and vote on at the various conventions, finally drafting the platform to be accepted by all candidates of the party. Any individual or organization can write what is referred to as a plank to present at the caucus to be voted on by all persons attending the caucus.

Those approved, along with any suggested by the committee that is elected at the caucus, are then brought for a vote at the county convention. Here they are again voted on with the addition of any additional planks suggested by attendees of the convention. The process is then continued in the same manner at the district convention, state convention, and finally at the national convention.

Each party goes through this process generating what they consider to be a written list of the values and actions supported by the party. Even so, party platforms are not binding documents and candidates and elected officials are in no way required to adhere to the specific policy recommendations and guidelines spelled out in the platforms.

The process can seem slow and tedious, but it can also be very exciting knowing that even YOU have the ability to affect the platform eventually adopted by your particular party. It starts at the caucus but can end as a national movement. For this reason, we at FUAN have drafted a few planks that we would like you to present at your individual caucuses. In addition, we encourage you to become active in this process by participating as a member of a platform committee and/or convention delegate.

Please view the attachment to see the Families United Action Network 2016 Iowa caucus resolutions. Please consider presenting some of, all of, or a variation of these resolutions, at your caucus to be put on your precinct platform. 

Please take a moment to print the (FUAN) Resolutions that are in this document and listed below, and take them with you to your caucus location to be presented as a resolution for the platform committee.

Print several copies to give to your precinct attendees. Thank you for supporting Family Law Reform!

FUAN 2020 Family Law Reform Platform Resolutions

1. We support a child's fundamental right to have equal access to both parents.

2. We support the abolishing of CPS, to create as a stand-alone agency.

3. We support reform and any legislation that requires due process in family court proceedings.

4.We oppose the concept that the state and its government is sovereign over the rights of people and the affairs of families.

5. We oppose the use of Title-IV incentive programs of the Social Security Act's usage of taxpayer money to fund the majority of the Iowa Child Support Recovery Unit's yearly budget.

What You Need To Know About Iowa Caucuses:

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