Iowa 2018 Midterm Elections – Meet the Winners

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On behalf of all of us at Families United Action Network-FUAN, we would like to introduce you to the winners of the Iowa 2018 Midterm Elections. They will take over leadership of the 88th General Assembly of Iowa in January 2019.

Regardless of your choice of political party, we encourage you all to reach out to all your personal representatives. Send an email, make a phone call, invite them to coffee or lunch to help educate them on why Family Law Reforms such as Shared Parenting and CPS reforms are so desperately needed.

Between a wave of retirements at the end of the 87th General Assembly, combined with the election results, we have many new faces to meet, educate, and develop relationships with in order to seek future successes in creating lasting Family Law Reform changes to help preserve and protect the children and families of Iowa.

For these reasons, we must focus on education, spreading awareness, and developing relationships with our current legislators to have high hopes of future successes in passing legislation. We cannot only do this as individuals; but together as a team/family, we can reach every legislator on a personal level to gain their support. This is where we need your help!

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Check back here often. We will post articles in the future with tips and tricks of how to talk to legislators and people of influence, as well as instructional videos like these: Mark Ludwig videos about How To Lobby. We'll publish our 2019 legislative recommendations in the early of December 2018.

We remind you that last year's FUAN recommendations for “Grandparents Rights” passed the Iowa Senate with a unanimous vote, and Shared Parenting passed the Senate with bipartisan support too. We are not far off from creating some monumental and meaningful changes. With your help, we can cultivate relationships to continue moving us in the right direction.

Be sure to click here to view FUAN’s 2018 Legislative Recommendations. Check back frequently for more information.

Click for the 2018 FUAN Custodial Reform Committee Legislative Recommendations

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2018 FUAN DHS / CPS Reforms Committee recommendations

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Who represents me in Iowa?

And now… Meet the Winners 

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Go here if you'd like even more detail about the vote counts.