Introducing Jaime Izaguirre

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Image of FUAN Intern Jaime Izaguirre at the Iowa State Capitol

Families United Action Network (FUAN) is Pleased to Be Introducing Jaime Izaguirre As Our Newest Intern.

He was drawn to FUAN because he wanted to experience an internship that exposed him to unique experiences in politics while helping FUAN fight for Family Law Reform.

He loves the feeling of accomplishment that comes from doing good deeds and helping families. And Jaime's just getting started… Image of Jaime Izaquirre, FUAN Intern

In the few months he's been FUANs Intern, Jaime says he feels like he has already begun to make a difference. He is making his voice heard by speaking up in meetings, writing press releases for charitable events, making videos for FUAN, learning to lobby or just lending an ear to someone in crisis.

Jaime is a first-year student at Drake University where he studies Law, Politics, and Society (LPS) and Philosophy. Jaime is also a member of: Drake Mock Trial, La Fuerza Latina, Drake Outdoor Leadership Club, and Drake Honors.

As Jaime continues his pursuits, he is excited to use the skills he has learned thru his experience with FUAN. Now, check out Jaimie's take on his newest activity… Lobbyist.

My First Day at the Capitol By Jaime Izaguirre

Today was my first day working as a lobbyist in the Iowa State Capitol. I loved every moment of the experience. Now I view lobbying in an entirely new light.

There wasn’t one moment that I didn’t love. Even just standing in the rotunda waiting to talk to legislators and meet other lobbyists was honestly just a surreal experience.

My thoughts filled with admiration for all the people that decided that they were going to take part in their government.

And of course, it is amazing to see the hours of work put into the FUAN organization paying off.

For once, I feel like I am not an outsider in politics and government, but rather an active gear in a working machine.

I am trying to figure out how I will ever find an internship or profession better than this one.

Now I'm thinking I may become a professional lobbyist. But that's down the road.

  • Image of FUAN Intern Jaime Izaguirre at the Iowa State Capitol, Des Moines
  • Image of FUAN Intern Jaime Izaguirre at the Iowa State Capitol
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  • Image of FUAN Intern Jaime Izaguirre with Iowa Representative Mary Wolfe
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