Is An Infant Sleeping On Dad’s Chest Inappropriate?

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Is An Infant Sleeping On Dad's Chest Inappropriate by Sherry Palmer

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FUAN wants to thank our long time friend and tireless Family Law Reform Crusader, Sherry Palmer for writing the post ‘Father Told By CPS Baby Sleeping On His Chest Is Inappropriate (May 2018). It is an eye-opener for sure.

You can read her entire article at her website, Fix Family Courts, or read our summary right below.

Either way, you'll be puzzled as to why these agencies, purportedly set up to help children, has ended up using the kids as a funding mechanism and likely could not survive without doing so.

A father in Marion County, Indiana pleads with Facebook users to share the photo DCS took off Facebook and used it to keep a case open after they failed to find him unfit. The social worker with the Indiana Department of Children’s Services (DCS) agency told the father that the picture was “inappropriate.”

DCS has had the child in their custody for the last 15 months. Initially, DCS tried to find the father unfit but failed. They have not returned his child and recently used this picture to keep the case open and the father was told that he had to be watched, even though he has passed all of their tests and they could not find him unfit.

Many people commented that hospitals encourage skin-to-skin contact for parent-child bonding. Some parents believe that the state agency has an interest in destroying parent-child bonds to make it easier for them to steal children by reducing and interfering with the child’s attachment to their parent. Then they believe they will have less trouble with the child’s behavior when they separate the child from its father or mother. I have verified this with a former worker that I know.

The Rock might have something to say about this since he recently posted a picture of himself with his newborn daughter on his chest. Dwayne the Rock Johnson and girlfriend, Lauren Hashian, welcomed his third daughter, baby Tiana Gia, on April 17, 2018. Hashian posted a video with Baby Tia on her chest stating “You are the most peaceful peanut, our little angel & wow, are we lucky … completely in love,” according to People magazine.

This picture was posted on May 3, 2018. The photo is of is a single father engaged to the mom. They are young parents posting memories that are important to themselves, that apparently is not favorable to the social worker who has decided to harass this young father.

When I spoke with the father, he believed that this social worker has made it her mission to take his son. Others have told me that it is perhaps that the child has desirable traits to prospective adoptive parents, blonde hair and blue eyes.

It remains a mystery why DHS has decided to pull this picture off Facebook and pick on this father once again. It could be as simple as the worker doesn’t like to lose, or perhaps she was thinking about job security and how much the state makes every time they adopt a child out.

Social workers are paid to take children. In order to stay alive, this industry needs other people’s children. The state makes money every time they take a child, terminate parental rights, and adopt the child out. The state receives money from the federal government through Title IV B and Title IV E of the Social Security Act (SSA) which address major components of child welfare.

The original post, “Father Told By CPS Baby Sleeping On Chest Is Inappropriate” first appeared on on May 5th, 2018.
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