FUAN Welcomes Iowa Legislators to Bubbles of Love Event

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IOWA legislators for BoL FUAN event 2019

Iowa State Capitol West Side TerraceFUAN will be hosting its annual Parental Alienation Awareness event known internationally as “Bubbles of Love” on the West grounds of the Iowa State Capitol Building on April 25th. 

Our list of speakers and performers continues to grow by the day! Among them will be the 2001 Grammy Award performer, Philly Slimm, who will give a speech and a musical performance!

Along with Philly Slimm will be Dr. Carols Rivera, Pediatrician, WLINY Radio Show Host In the Best Interest of the Children, Family Law Reform, Parental Alienation Awareness. As a former practicing physician, he has an extensive background in caring for children, many of whom were affected by divorce and/or custodial division. 

With all of the momentum here in Iowa for CPS Reform and Shared Parenting bills HF706, SF571, HF719, (and more – click here to find a bill), we are becoming increasingly excited about our upcoming events in April! We are thrilled to announce two keynote speakers who, by working together toward a common goal, have made huge strides regarding Family Law Reform: Ron and Sherry Palmer. We cannot wait to see the way they will educate and inspire our fellow Iowans at the Bubbles of Love Event and at the National Family Law Policy Center (NFLPC) Workshop the following day. Click here to read more about the workshop speakers. You will not want to miss the opportunity to meet and learn from Dr. Roseman (Ph.D. author of Preserving Family Ties) and Sherry Palmer and Ron B. Palmer, authors of multiple Family Law Reform books, the founders of National Family Law Policy Center, and the owners of Fix Family Courts, a brand which encompasses self-help books, seminars, workshops, online content, and other products and services that educate the public, pro se parents and attorneys. 

In addition to this powerhouse line-up, our Bubbles of Love event will also include a long list of Iowa Legislators. These are but a few of the Iowa legislators that have been stepping up to become true gladiators of Family Law Reform. We are pleased to welcome and share this list with you:

Charles Schneider (SD22)

Amy Sinclair (SD14)

Timi Brown-Powers (HD61)

Zach Nunn (SD15)

Ruth Ann Gaines (HD32)

Joe Mitchell (HD84)

Chris Cournoyer (SD49)

Brad Zaun (SD20)

Kristin Sunde (HD42)

Brian Meyer (HD33)

IOWA legislators for BoL FUAN event 2019

Whatever your plans are for April 25th, we hope they include stopping by the West grounds at the State Capitol Building to join us for this informative and fun event! 

And then the next day at the NFLPC educational workshop. Click here to see more about the workshop schedule.

east side library workshop locationWorkshop in Iowa taught by NFLPC