FUAN-Sponsorships - Fall 2019

Families United Action Network-FUAN is recognized as “Iowa’s leading family preservation organization.”

Formed in 2015 at Des Moines, Iowa, FUANs goal is Family Law Reform. First in the state of Iowa. the United States next, and finally, to the world. We want to help sustain and defend children and families while creating reciprocity, precedents, and unity for all.

Our mission is, “To preserve and protect children and families through repairing and rebuilding current structures and organizations, creating a solid foundation for Iowa's Families and for the next generations.”

FUAN goes about reaching our goals by creating local and online advocacy services, hosting community forums and educational events, and lobbying for Family Law Reform to help strengthen and repair the family unit.

We invite you to learn more about Families United Action Network-FUAN’s advocacy work, lobbying efforts, and more by


We all know someone who has encountered the family courts whether it was through a divorce or an unfortunate experience with the Department of Human Services Child Protection Services.

However, what you may not know is many times children, and their parents are regularly and routinely abused by the family court system. This is where judges, lawyers, and other industries profit from a family’s most vulnerable moments.

We believe these practices need to be stopped immediately.
For that to happen, we need your help! We believe your involvement in our cause, Family Law Reform, can and will bring about more attention to the plight of the American family.

Any help you can lend to our cause would be much appreciated. FUAN is a 501(c)(3), your contribution so in most cases, your generous donations are tax-deductible as well.

We know your time is valuable, and we believe Family Law Reform is a cause we can all support. We thank you for even taking the time to read this message. Please review the following ways you can contribute and stand with us in our pursuit of preserving the family structure for generations to come.

We are currently seeking help in the following areas:

  • Fundraising
  • Advertising - Signs, Ads and Commercials, Website Maintenance.
    Marketing - Mailers, Emails Campaigns.
  • Events - Location, Food, Merchandise, Hosting.
  • Lobbying.
  • Newsletter and Website Content.
  • Contacting Members of Congress.
  • Partnering With Other Like-Minded Groups.
  • Referral Services.
  • Sponsorships (See Below)

Your financial support is always a great way to help. All donations are much appreciated, and you will be provided a receipt.

What Featured Sponsoring Can Do for Your Business:

As a featured sponsor, *_your name/business_* will be prominently featured to crowds who attend our events, which garner anywhere from 50 to 200+ people throughout Iowa. To increase our presence, as well as providing information about Family Law Reform, FUAN will have booths at several community events across the state.

FUAN will feature your branding and logos throughout these events and on all our publications. Depending on your financial commitment, there are additional added benefits.

We have many structured sponsorship packages to serve your budget, target demographics, and future vision. FUAN recognizes that time, talent, and services are valuable.

The mission of Families United Action Network’s events is to spread education and gain community support in Iowa through sponsoring Family Law Reform events, increase lobbying awareness, build up advocacy services, and build lasting community relationships.

Sponsorship Benefits

  • Exposure to key demographics and potential clients in your current targeted audience.
  • Support to implement infrastructure to build on our 501(c3) nonprofit organization not only for tax-deductible charity purposes, but for family values, and economic reasons to help further the preservation of family for the future for Iowa.
  • Increased product/company awareness of your brand through many different sponsorship packages tailored to fit various company/product outreach needs and desires.
  • Increased potential for new customers/clients through exposure and advertising with FUAN.

Single Event Sponsorship Opportunities

Line Mention  $50.00

Your individual name or business entity receives one-line 'thank you' listing as social media promotion.
There is an average of 5,000 to 25,000 individuals exposed to all of our materials on average.

Your Logo  $250.00

Your individual name or business entity receives one-line listing as a “supporter” on our event program, social media page, and on our website.
There is an average of 5,000 to 25,000 individuals exposed to all of our materials on average.

Booth At Event $500.00

All Root package benefits plus the display of your business logo, phone number, address, services, and a link to your website on all of our social media and printed promotional materials.


All Trunk package benefits plus the display of your business logo, phone number, address, services, and a link to your website on all of our promotional materials including event program, social media, an affiliated group in organizational pages, website placement on the FUAN website, and room to display a sign or banner at the event.

 Executive Sponsorship

This executive sponsorship allows us to work together and design a unique package for you.

You decide the amount of your contribution. Let us know how you believe we can best help promote each other. Additional benefits depend on the amount of your donation.

Our Raffle Host Partner receives all our benefits plus exposure on our promotional materials.

The benefits include placement in the FUAN event program and social media. Your orginazation will be included as an affiliated group on our organizational pages. Your logo on FUANs website, and room to display your  sign or banner at the event.