FUAN Legislative Family Forum Follow Up

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WOW! What a weekend! 
Here's Your FUAN Legislative Family Forum Follow Up

Thank You, Denison, Iowa and the Chamber Of Commerce there for putting together such a fantastic Tri-City Barbecue Festival. I must admit that we were all impressed by the well-organized event you hosted. Well Done!

FUAN distributed thousands of balloons and lots of informational materials. The stories we heard were deeply emotional and highly impactful. The stories fueled our sense of purpose. Thank you to all the people who stopped by FUANs booth, vote in the corn poll, and to share your stories. It means a lot to us! 

Next, we would like to say thank you to Cronk's Cafe Restaurant & Lounge. The food is as good as they say and the service is even better! 


Senators Jason Schultz, Jim Carlin, and Mark Segebart, attended this event. Congressional candidate Randy Feenstra, and Representative Steven Holt attended too. They gave follow-up responses after listening to our presentation. 

Senator Randy Feenstra's Remarks
Senator Mark Segebart ‘s Remarks
Representative Steven Holt ‘s Remarks
Senator Jim Carlin's Remarks

Both candidates stuck around to answer questions from the community. With their understanding and leadership, we are already much better positioned for future Family Law Reform legislation! THANKS to all of you… And as always, we will be watching.  

This event was also scheduled to have Senator Zach Nunn in attendance. The Senator called a few hours ahead of time to let us know that his wife was under the weather. He chose to spend some time with his family before his deployment to Saudi Arabia. We completely understand Family Time and appreciate the communication very much. It goes a long way. 

During the call, he mentioned that he would be trying to get in contact with the Governor with regard to issues FUAN is proposing. He will be trying to set a meeting up with her for us. Thank you for all you do, Senator Nunn, and have safe travels! 

The next part of our thank you list is a little bit scary because we don't want to leave anybody out. There were so many people involved in organizing this event, but we definitely want to say Thank You – Thank You – THANK YOU to the FUAN Family

Without you, Family Law Reform is not possible. We are showing what can happen when families decide to unite together, take action, and be a network of support and advocacy for each other. We are making things happen because of you! KEEP IT UP!! Many people are counting on YOU!

A couple of names that we need to make sure and thank individually would undoubtedly be Ryan and Whitney Rupe. WOW! These two have stepped up to become FUAN leaders!! The amount of effort that they put forth helping with planning, set up/teardown, and running the event is above and beyond. I'm excited to hear their personal testimonies of the weekend. 

Attorney Rosanne Plante's Remarks

Chad Krastel and Rosanne Marie Plante did an excellent job of helping to present our 2020 legislative recommendations. If you have not seen them yet, then we invite you to our website. Please note some of the recommendations are still under construction. 

FUAN Iowa Legislative Recommendations - 2020

Iowa Legislative Recommendations – 2020

Melody Nelson, Darien Clark, Ryan Knapp of Paternal Guardians of Iowa, Tom McDermott, MacKenzie Dreeszen, Ryan Rutter, and many others had a significant role and either set up organization/planning or other functions of this event. We thank you all and want you to know how very much we appreciate each and every one of you!

Last but not least, we would like to thank our sponsors for helping to get this off the ground! Thank you to ACS-Affordable Cleaning Services, Kids Deserve Dads – Wyoming, and Wisconsin Fathers for Children and Families. 

Click below if you or somebody you know might be interested in sponsoring an upcoming FUAN event. 

And now, we keep moving as the fight for legislation has only just begun. We hope that you will soon join us in Iowa City on October 18th as we talk to the next group of legislators.

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We cannot tell you enough… WE APPRECIATE YOU! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

FUAN-Thank You