By laws, group rules, and Roberts Rules of Order apply to all FUAN Committees and their pages.

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Please Follow Our Normal FUAN Voting Rules 

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Ground Rules...

  1. Keep all communication professional and regarding FUAN activities. This is not a support group and we cannot address individual cases and concerns. However, as a FUAN family it is appropriate to be there for each other to offer concern, support, and/or guidance.
  2. As a nonprofit, we cannot and do not endorse any particular political party or candidate.
  3. Please dedicate at least 15 MINUTES PER DAY to FUAN related activities.
  4. Do not post to the main FUAN public Facebook page. There is to be no self-promoting, crowdfunding for personal use, stand-alone links, etc….
  5. If you are posting to a FUAN Family Participant page, please post the whole article if possible not simply a link with no explanation.
  6. Do not post any posts which encourage hate, prejudice, bullying, etc….
  7. Participate in group/committee discussions including voting through the voting system when necessary.
  8. Keep it positive and keep it relevant to Family Law Reform.
  9. Posting the picture (meme) as our own, it is automatically put in our picture library for easy finding and reposting later. Nothing sucks more than remembering a picture from last month you would like to repost, but since you shared it to our page from another page instead of uploading it and posting it as our own, now you cannot find it and likely never will.
  10. Posting of "random memes" for encouragement, humor, celebration, or other purposes may be tolerated, but with the understanding that it will be deleted within a week to a month to help maintain an organized and functional system within the group pages. If you wish to have it archived then please indicate so, and state your purpose of archiving.
  11. OFFENSIVE, DEGRADING, OBSCENE, or INAPPROPRIATE MATERIAL WILL BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY and may result in a suspension or banning of your committee status.
  12. Arguments and disagreements will always happen when more than one person is involved. Therefore, we would respectfully like to ask/require that (FUAN) participants refrain from publicly speaking negatively against any other.
  13. All information shared within (FUAN) groups, committees, and the organization itself shall remain confidential, and NEVER be shared outside of the committee or group without expressed and written consent from your committee leaders.
  14. Freedom of speech and self-expression
  15. Acceptance/tolerance
  16. No hate or prejudice
  17. No Bullying
  18. No Trolling
  19. No Blocking Administrators

The safety of all participants is important, therefore, please carefully consider these guidelines when interacting with any and all participants of FUAN. 

  1. Understand NO committee participants have undergone any background checks to be a part of FUAN.
  2. There is no confirmation the names used in communications within FUAN are any person’s legal identity.
  3. Group participants do not necessarily know one another personally and cannot vouch for the intentions of others within FUAN.
  4. The majority of communication and interaction with other participants should be done via email, private, messaged, or other electronic methods.
  5. Be very cautious in releasing private information such as your phone number. It may be wise to consider having a separate email account for this committee.
  6. Never give out your personal address.
  7. Never give out identifying information regarding your children.
  8. Telephone conversations can and should be done through prearranged conference calls with all group participants invited.
  9. All communication should be professional in nature and focused on FUAN activities only.
  10. Meeting other group participants in person is never required of any participants and should be done with the most caution possible.

When choosing to meet with other participants in person please consider the following guidelines:

  1. Never meet alone with another individual if you feel uncomfortable about your safety. Take a friend or family member with you if needed.
  2. Both parties should always bring a trusted adult they know from outside of FUAN.
  3. Always meet in a public setting at a time where there will be other adults present.
  4. Never bring your children to meet with another individual.
  5. Do not pressure any person to meet with you.
  6. If for any reason you do not feel safe or things do not feel right, do not meet. Always trust your instinct.
    Updated 2020.0203