Mark Ludwig FUAN Advocate of May 2017

Mark Ludwig is no stranger to Family Law Reform. In fact, he was named The FUAN Advocate of the Month earlier this year.

Click Here to read more about Mark and the accomplishments that made it impossible for us not to honor him.

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Watch the videos below to help your Family Law Reform lobbying mindset and efforts. We hope you'll take a little time to check them out. You'll definitely find it's worth your time. 

Logo of Americans for Equal Parenting

Mark Ludwig - 
Uniting To Win

Tips and reasons to unite for the common goal of the Parental Equality Movement.

Secrets to Avoid Having Legislation Stall

Learn the secrets you need to help you get legislation to pass. A must listen!

How to Pass State Legislation 

It does no good to talk and talk until you're blue in the face. This is the way to get things done.

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