Fathers Day 2020

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FUAN want honor all fathers on this fathers day 2020
FUAN want honor all fathers on this fathers day 2020

As I think about the upcoming holiday for Fathers, I remember a year ago when I was in my eighteen-month battle for 50/50 Shared Custody of my twin boys. Since the birth of the boys, I have had to battle for time with them. To get to the point I am at today; I had to file custody paperwork almost immediately after they were born. That led to having to hire attorneys and more court filings when all I wanted was to be given my fair and equal time with my two sons as their father.

I can remember the day they were born and how blessed I felt to be able to hold their perfect little bodies. It was that day that I learned what unconditional love was. Those two had a protector for the rest of their lives from that moment forward. I knew I would do anything in my power to spend as much time as possible with them.

The beginning of the struggle was very trying. I could not understand how a person could deny a parent time with his children. This unfair situation has become a common practice across the nation over decades of child custody disagreements. Unfortunately, most of the time, restrictions have been placed on fathers. These statistics are very troubling and go beyond just time lost for fathers.

As I sit here today and think about the time that I lost during the first eighteen months of my boys' lives, my heart aches. The best thing about those thoughts is I do not have to worry about lost time any longer. Fathers Day 2020 will be the first Fathers Day I get to spend with my sons, who just turned two in April… the first of many more great Father's Days to come.

The judge who handled my case blessed me and granted everything that I asked. This ruling has led to me being able to start building an amazing bond with my sons. I could not have asked the Lord for anything better in my whole life.

I am unbelievably humbled when I think about moving forward and building a fantastic relationship with my two boys. The thought of the struggles other parents have had to deal with saddens me.

Those hardships are why I think the time has come to push forward and work together. Like FUAN, great organizations can educate legislators to break through and change the way custody is determined for all children.

There have been many victories in the last few years. I could not thank all of those who have worked to get us where we are now. I hope to do everything I can to help promote legislation to make Shared Parenting the starting point for all parents across the nation.

FUAN June 2020 Advocate of the Month - Jeremy Muntz - Headshot

I'm Jeremy Muntz and I hope everyone has a blessed and enjoyable Father’s Day!

This is a guest post by Jeremy Muntz for Father's Day 2020. Thanks for sharing your experience with our readers Jeremy.

Disclaimer: Jeremy Muntz's opinions are his own and may or may not reflect the official position of Families United Action Network.

Jeremy Muntz grew up in Southeast Iowa. He attended first through ninth grade in the Fairfield school district. His parents divorced when he was a teenager in 1994. After that, he moved to Van Buren County and finished school at Van Buren Jr/Sr. High School in 1998. Jeremy attended college at Iowa State University before joining the service.

In 1999 he joined the U.S. Army Reserves in Middletown, IA as a heavy construction equipment operator. His love for the military led him to enter active duty as an Infantryman in 2001. He served on active duty from 2001 to 2006.

After leaving the military, Jeremy pursued a career as a professional bullfighter with great success. He was voted to work many association finals to protect the top bull riders in the nation.

In 2015 he moved back to southern Iowa to be closer to his growing family of nieces and nephews.

Late in 2017, Jeremy found out that he was going to be a father. While the circumstances were not exactly what he had hoped for, he was more than willing to be the best father he could be to his coming twin boys.

Shortly after the boys' birth, he began to have issues regarding custody agreements. These issues led Jeremy to hire attorneys and file for his right to equal custody of his twin sons.

During the eighteen-month battle of custody for his twins, Jeremy became very interested and involved in assisting others and helping groups in their quest to change current legislation across the country regarding Shared Parenting.

Jeremy Muntz standing in front of a helicopter

Jeremy is currently enrolled in a commercial pilot program to pursue his love for flying and share that passion with his sons and family. Being awarded 50/50 shared custody of his two boys is a blessing. Jeremy and his family strive every day to give the two boys the best life they possibly can.

Jeremy is an active FUAN Participant.

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