Families United Action Network’s Bubbles of Love Event a Hit in Iowa!

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If you missed our annual Bubbles of Love Event, here's a recap of the great time we had with celebrities, legislators, attorneys, and musicians.

FUAN hosted this event to support children and their families and to bring awareness to a form of child abuse known as Parental Alienation. Parental Alienation is the systematic destruction of the parent-child bond, through but not limited to, emotional and mental manipulation, causing unwarranted fears within the child about the target parent. Parental Alienation is the undermining and interfering with a normal child-parent bond. We have also learned that not only is this abuse perpetrated by angry parents, but it is also enabled by the very agents who claim to be acting in the child's best interest.

We had a wonderful hit line-up, despite the weather not cooperating. The morning started off sunny. As the event got started, the weather turned dreary, cold, and rainy on this Thursday afternoon, April 25, 2019, as we gathered on the Capitol steps. Around 12:00 pm, our musical guests began setting up and sound checking equipment. At this point though, papers were flying off the table and our canopies were being destroyed by the wind. I watched the crowd start to shiver and look up at the grey sky, fearful of the rain and wondering if the performances and speeches were still on.

Suddenly, a smooth and lovely voice sang out, “We gotta work together in any type of weather,” to the beat of the background music. I looked up to see ouToya Johnson speaking at Des Moines Iowa Capitol for Bubbles of Love FUAN April 25, 2019r very own ToyA Johnson at the mic, bubbles floating all around her. I smiled about this powerful metaphor. Every single person attending Bubbles of Love was going through (or coming out of) a storm that destroys families. But knowing that our unity will create change and bad weather will pass, we all began to clap along as she sang.

Philly Slimm of Colorado spoke about overcoming the damage caused by false allegations and his fight to be an involved father in his children's lives. Philly has an entire album of dedicated music that inspires the movement in this fight. Rapper Philly Slimm at Bubbles of Love in Des Moines Iowa with FUAN April 25, 2019

South Dakota's Representative, Tom Pischke, spoke about the sad reality of Parental Alienation and the need for change in legislation. He shared his accomplishments as a legislator and told parents what they could do to create change in their state too. His personal story rang familiar to those in the crowd and those joining us online through the Live Facebook stream. He left us with the quote:

“The Decisions that we make today impact the things that happen tomorrow.” – Tom Pischke

Matthew Hickock encouraged citizens and lawmakers to take an active role in keeping families together here in Iowa rather than tearing them apart through the faults in family law.

ToyA Johnson, in lyrical fashion, belted out a speech that succinctly wrapped up the problem with the system, encouraged immunity of judicial actors who abuse their position be limited, and talked about the recent the Families First Prevention Services Act signed by the Trump Administration to overhaul the Foster Care system in 2018.

This Act re-assigns the federal money from Title IV E to be used to offer preventative services, parent education, and reunification. about Expert-Created Parental Alienation: the act of judges, attorneys, and child protective services (CPS) causing the Parental Alienation. ToyA also reminded us of Families United Action Network's mission – To preserve and protect children & families through repairing and rebuilding current structures & organizations, to create a solid foundation for Iowa's Families and for the next generations.

The event ended after musical performances by Emmett Phillips, Rai, DK, and Free Power. Each of these artists are engaged in their community through youth programs, volunteer work, art, and mentorship. Emmett's and Raj's lyrics were completely inspiring and communicated a message that we can get behind – change is near and unity is necessary to make it happen. 

Bubbles of Love may have been rained out a little bit early, but the spread of awareness and education continued.

We cannot thank these amazing people enough for being brave and taking the stage to send a clear message: families are hurting and changes need to be made.

The very next day, April 26th, The National Family Law Policy Center taught an educational workshop at the East Side library in Des Moines provided by experts in the field of family law reform Ron and Sherry Palmer and Dr. Mark Roseman, hosted by FUAN. Nicholas Dreeszen with Dr. Mark Roseman and Sherry Palmer at Eastside Library in Des Moines, Iowa

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