Study on False Allegation Claims - 2019 (1)

The Iowa General Assembly began its session January 14, 2019 at 8:00 am.

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Check back here often. FUANs recommendations and bill language will evolve throughout the session.

False Allegation Claims - 2019 (1)

DHS/CPS Legislative Study & Reporting Line Modifications:

Currently, high conflict divorces frequently result in false reports made to DHS by or on behalf of one of the parties. Whether founded or unfounded, these reports often affect the accused party negatively in custody battles while the accuser benefits.

The subject is the recommendation for a legislative study into the DHS hotline to show connections to false allegations to the Iowa DHS Child Protective Services division in high conflict custodial divisions in order to hold those accountable of false reporting under Iowa Code 232.75(3) that we are currently unable to do with the anonymous call-in line reporting system.

This would be a direct reflection of Iowa Code 232.75(3) as well as indirectly affecting Iowa Codes 598, 232, 600 and possible other Iowa criminal code sections.

False Allegation Claims - 2019 (2)
False Allegation Claims - 2019 (3)