The Establishment Creates Fatherless Kids. You Should Read This…

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Image promoting Terry Brennan's post "The Establishment Creates Fatherless Kids"

Image promoting Terry Brennan's post "The Establishment Creates Fatherless Kids"






It's an epidemic of fatherless children. No wonder kids are having a tough time growing up these days. 

A review of Arizona’s shared parenting law examined how judges, conciliation staff, attorneys, and therapists feel it’s working.  It stated: “Half of the attorneys and about one-third of the mental health providers evaluated the law negatively. It is not clear why they differed from the rest of their colleagues, although perceived financial interests among some private professionals can’t be discounted.”

Bar Association take drastic measures to oppose shared parenting.  The Nebraska Bar was sued for lobbying against shared parenting, resulting in its dues being halved and staff reductions.  The North Dakota Bar was sued for forming a front group with $50,000 of it’s members mandatory dues.  The Florida Bar spent $105,000 on “Emergency Lobbyists”, suggesting,“The game plan is to flood the Governor with emails and phone calls and letters…the best will be non-lawyers reaching out to him. We could also send emails from our personal email addresses.”

“The Establishment”, controlling legislation for their own benefit, isn’t a tumor solely impacting Washington, but instead has metastasized to every statehouse in the country.

If states want to reverse fatherlessness, they first need to stop creating fatherless kids.  -Terry Brennan/The Establishment Creates Fatherless Kids

The problem is everywhere and fathers know that the deck is stacked against them in most cases. Take the time to read Terry Brennan's excellent post The Establishment Creates Fatherless Kids.

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Terry Brennan, @TerryBrennan211 is a Co-Founder of Leading Women for Shared Parenting @LW4SP