Equal Parenting Bill Call to Action – HF571

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FUAN call to action

CALL TO ACTION FOR SF571. This is a bill for a “rebuttable presumption of Shared Parenting.” 

If you want equal parenting, now is your time. This bill is waiting to be passed. COVID-19 has not killed it. The Senators just need to know that you still want this.


As we gear up to finish the Iowa 88th General Assembly, we need your help to go the distance. Therefore we have put together a few areas where we could use the extra push.

We are on the homestretch for this bill.

Now is your time to be heard.
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Everyone responds to different media, so it is important for you to use as many different options as possible. Emails, videos, and phone calls can all be effective methods of communication. Choose what is most comfortable for you or use as many of them as you like. Remember that YOU matter and your voice matters and you can be heard now. Get your message out and use the foundation that FUAN has put in place for you. We are so close to achieving a better life for your child/ren and the families of Iowa.

You are almost there. We can begin to see the dawn over the mountain top. You can motivate the Senators now more than ever. Give yourself that final push to finally achieve your goals. Your children and the children of tomorrow will be better off for it and will thank you when they can rest easy knowing that divorce or separation won’t mean losing a parent.

We’ve made it easy for you to get this bill passed by following the steps below:

1. Send emails.

We would like to encourage people to send kind/polite emails to the Iowa representatives listed below. We would request that you send them a brief email thanking them for their time, attaching some informational link/s, and why this Senate File 571 is important to you. We would also encourage you to include our website link that includes studies, related articles, and more valuable information that you can share with these legislators.

We would like to send more education and ASK FOR A COMMITMENT OF SUPPORT. 

Speaker Pat Grassley 

House Majority Leader, Matt W. Windschitl  

Representative Stephen Holt

Representative Michael Bergin

Representative Karin Derry


Representative Rick Olson


Representative Stan Gustafson


Representative Ross Wilburn


And of course, reach out to your own personal legislators.
Find your legislators here:

Always remember to address every legislator with their proper title such as “Speaker or Representative”, keep messages short, and show courteous respect!  Remember that they get hundreds of emails every day. Be short and to the point asking for their support.

Most importantly, we encourage you to bluntly ask them if we can count on their support to keep Senate File 571 as a priority policy bill. And ALWAYS keep the focus on the children and from a child’s perspective. 

Please send us an email to FUANetwork@gmail.com if you receive a response that confirms whether any of these legislators support or oppose SF571. Your support and participation will help us to maximize our tracking time and effort to go the distance with this important piece of legislation.

Five easy to follow templates on how to write to your legislators! 

2. Make a short live feed video.

We encourage you to make a short video to let your friends and family know why this is important to you. Because many people respond to visual stimuli, videos can be a very useful form of communicating your message. Sharing videos on social media seems to be the wave of the future and one of our best ways of engaging others. And you won’t have to worry about spelling errors.

House Majority Leader, Matt W. Windschitl  

Representative Stephen Holt

Representative Michael Bergin

Representative Karin Derry


3. Call the Governor’s office.

Call the Iowa Governor

We ask each of you to take about 3 minutes of your time to call the Governor’s office at 515-281-5211 to register your opinion. Contrary to what many people think, communicating directly with the Governor’s office is a very good way to get your voice heard. Although you will not be connected directly to the Governor, your message will be forwarded to the appropriate staff person and if enough people raise the same concerns, you will be noticed.