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FUAN December 2019 ADVOCATE OF THE MONTH-Joe Wirkus
FUAN December 2019 ADVOCATE OF THE MONTH-Joe Wirkus

Congratulations to Joe Wirkus for being named as FUANs December 2019 Advocate of the Month. 

Joe Charter Wirkus founded Woodwind Media Group in 2014 to create media content in the form of music videos, and video news segments. His company offers services to the community by providing visual and audio studios to cast and produce business video commercials and political publications. They also support alternative news podcasting all around the globe. 

In the 1990s, Joe received an honorable mention for a song called ‘Dessert Night Wind' in a national song contest sponsored by Billboard Magazine. It's a Christian song about the born again experience. 

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Joe has published around one hundred songs so far. A song he published called ‘Delorean' earned him the honor of being the opening act for The 2008 International Delorean Car Show in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The song is a rockin' blues tune about a ghost cowboy and a Delorean,

Joe has two beautiful children. His daughter is a business owner. His musically talented son creates some of the tracks for our podcasts. Because Joe's son fell head over heels in love with a wonderful lady, Joe is now blessed with two grandkids that he adores! 

From 1998 until 2014, Joe held various corporate positions in the foodservice equipment industry. At the same time, he pursued his songwriting and producing career in Nashville, Tennessee. 

During these years, he became a known designer of commercial kitchens and establishments. Joe’s hobbies are playing basketball, yoga once a week, bowling, reading, and, of course, songwriting. 

In 2015 Joe focused on a new business brand in the alternative news internet broadcasting business and built a YouTube Channel for INFOWIND NEW NEWS

Initially, the channel grew, and it had the opportunity of having well-known guests such as Brandon Straka, the founder of the “Walkaway” movement

Another guest, David Kruppa, a 19-year-old rising star in Chicago politics, all but blew the whistle on Chicago corruption as he ran for city Alderman. Mr. Kruppa helped to expose the “backhanded” way of the Chicago machine.

Another popular guest was Scott Presler who is a conservative activist
with over 368,000 followers on Twitter.

Several of these folks ended up on national mainstream news channels in 2019. INFOWIND NEW NEWS also supports any person who is engaging the public on “the front lines.” It is one thing to Tweet, post on FaceBook, and all the rest, but quite another to go out where the people are to influence and make change happen and take the arrows of position. 

Recently, Joe and INFOWIND NEW NEWS started covering Des Moines events like a debate forum for mayoral candidates.  

Joe supports organizations like Families United Action Network – FUAN, a lobbying group that focuses on family law reform in Iowa. FUAN is trying to make better legislation for custody protocol in parenting disputes.  

Finally, we supported the cast of the movie “8 Days,” a film depicting real-life stories of human sex trafficking. We are proud of the work we have done and hope to do more and more of this type of work in the future.

Donations are desperately needed, and we would be grateful to continue producing NEW NEWS This channel has suffered in 2019 due to a lack of funding. We would like support to help us move to the 2020 election coverage and other information that needs to be exposed, and censorship is a huge problem. 

In 2018 Woodwind added a new studio we call Purple Theater, which is a venue for music production, film, and podcasting. This studio has a larger area for more future podcasting productions and or round table type productions. 

This studio is set up for music production and artist development activities. “We look for original artists that want to have a specific producer provide services,” Joe explains. “I want to be a mentor to one or two original music songwriters.” 

If you would like to visit our studio please contact us. We would love to show you our small but powerful media outreach capabilities. Our phone number is 615-517-7362

Presently Joe is focused on marketing for individual local businesses in Des Moines, Iowa. He has a large social media platform that seemingly gets the word out when needed. 

DISCLAIMER: The point of view of a FUAN Advocate of The Month may or may not reflect the opinions of Families United Action Network (FUAN), its Board, Members, or Participants. Endorsements of any kind, except as an Advocate og the Month, are neither implied or given.

Learn more about Woodwind. Visit our website.  


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