December 2018 Advocate of the Month – Jared Kleinsmith

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Jared and son

Congratulations to Jared Kleinsmith for wrapping up the year by being selected as the FUAN December 2018 Advocate of the Month!

Jared volunteers with FUAN helping out with advertising, making videos, and proofreading articles. He's done this for the past couple of years. Most of his work is behind the scenes, but his effort helps us all here at FUAN be more visible.

Jared was born in Newport News, Virginia. His father was in the Navy and family moved frequently as a result. He's probably moved seventeen times in seventeen years, living in Virginia, Alabama, Illinois, Iowa, Idaho, Missouri, and Washington. He identifies most with Virginia and Alabama of these but eventually settled in Iowa City, Iowa.

Jared’s father was deployed overseas for six months out of the year making it difficult to establish a real bond with him. Also, Jared had an older brother who suffered from Muscular Dystrophy. The illness put even more stress on the family. Jared assumed much of the care of his brother. His brother died when he was only sixteen. Jared was at his side, and his passing was especially traumatic for him. Photo collage - Jared Kleinsmith FUAN AOM DECEMBER 2018

Jared’s parents divorced when he was around thirteen, further isolating him from his father. He received his G.E.D. when he was eighteen. Next, he joined the Army and attended the Job Corps for Security Officer and Private Investigation.

While in the Army, Jared was an 88M10 Heavy Wheeled Vehicle Operator or truck driver. He worked in a computer store building computers too. He has worked for gas stations and fast food places and is currently employed at Affordable Cleaning Services – ACS of Iowa City, IA.

Jared Kleinsmith FUAN ADVOCATE OF THE MONTH - DECEMBER 2018Jared has one son that he did not see much during his son's formative years. Fortunately, Jared has been able to reconnect with his son in the last couple of years. He has even been invited to a few holiday celebrations with him. His son, now eighteen, is an avid video gamer and computer wiz.

Jared is a self-proclaimed “minimalist,” probably as a result of his upbringing. He still moves frequently just not across the country any longer. He travels light and can accomplish his move in an hour, efficiently loading all his belongings in the trunk of his car.

Jared is generally a pretty quiet guy. He loves to play and watch video games. Dungeons & Dragons is a favorite game and watching a Moderator of two streams on Twitch is fun for him.

Thanks for all you do, Jared. And again, congratulations on being named FUAN December 2018 Advocate of the Month. 

Jared 5 V-0.1

Jared's son resting after skateboarding.