December 2017 FUAN Advocate of the Month – Ryan Knapp

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Image of Ryan Knapp, November 2017 FUAN Advocate of the Month

The December 2017 FUAN Advocate of the Month is Ryan Knapp.

Ryan lives in Cedar Rapids where he leads the nonprofit group Paternal Guardians of Iowa (PGI). Ryan has sole custody of his 3-year old son Maddax.

Born in Chariton, Iowa he is a University of Iowa alum with a major in political science. Ryan works for Schimberg Company managing the department of distribution for Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and surrounding areas. 


Ryan's personal experience during custody proceedings led him to where he is today. He found that there is a lack of resources for fathers preparing for, as well as going through the custody process.

The outcome means our legal system is creating a fatherless epidemic in America. PGI is a network of support and resource center for Iowa Fathers.

Their mission is to end the fatherless epidemic and provide the resources to fathers that will ensure a positive, healthy, and lasting relationship with their child(ren). 

They have guided numerous fathers through the legal system of custody battles and have assisted in diminishing the financial burden of legal fees. They have also raised over 5,000 dollars in this past year alone for the U of Iowa Children’s Hospital through their bike charter called the PGI Riders.

In the years to come, Paternal Guardians of Iowa looks to expand their resources for fathers and to raised awareness in regards to parental equality through legislation like shared parenting and custodial relocation.

Congratulations and keep up the good work, Ryan!

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