FUAN & ACS At The U of IA Homecoming Parade 2018

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FUAN-Families United Action Network and ACS-Affordable Cleaning Services are blessed to have partnered with each other for the second year in a row walking in the Iowa Hawkeyes Homecoming Parade in Iowa City on October 19th, 2018. The two organizations partnered together last year winning the “Best of Community” award with the theme, “Creating Legends.” Check out last year’s parade post. This year’s theme was: “From … Read More

Iowa 2018 Midterm Elections – Meet the Winners

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FUAN-2018 Post Election Post

On behalf of all of us at Families United Action Network-FUAN, we would like to introduce you to the winners of the Iowa 2018 Midterm Elections. They will take over leadership of the 88th General Assembly of Iowa in January 2019. Regardless of your choice of political party, we encourage you all to reach out to all your personal representatives. Send an … Read More


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Thank You Veterans

This is a post from last year about how much we owe to our military veterans. We love and honor you all for your selfless service. Thank You For Our Lives, Our Country, Our Investments, Our Family, and All You Do and Have Done To Protect Us. With a disturbing and unacceptable 22 Service members committing suicide on average EVERY DAY, … Read More

2 New Election Pages for You – VOTE

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Iowa General Elections November 6, 2018

The Midterm General Election is right around the corner. If you haven’t voted yet, what are you waiting for? FUAN has just published two new resources to let you know who supports Family Law Reform and who… not so much. The first resource is The FUAN 2018 Candidate Report Card. We sat down and graded 270 candidates. Now, we’re sharing our insight with … Read More

How to Vote for Family Values in 10 Easy Steps

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Image for FUAN Article "How to Vote for Family Values in 10 Easy Steps"

As the days of summer are winding down, the 2018 Midterm general elections are heating up.  It seems that every day all you have to do is pick up the newspaper, turn on the TV, or glance at your phone, and you will hear another story of political corruption. Is this a sign of the times and just the way things … Read More