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Zachary Martin of Kids Deserve Dads

FUAN is proud to announce that Zachary Martin will be a keynote speaker at our “Bubbles of Love” event on April 25th, 2019. Talk about a dad on a mission! Our great friend Zach has been working relentlessly toward the goal of equal Shared Parenting and the elimination of Parental Alienation with much success. Zach will be bringing his knowledge and motivation regarding Family Law Reform right here to Iowa!  You will not want to miss his speech!

Who is Zachary Martin?

Zac founded Kids Deserve Dads in November of 2017 after entering the beginning phase of the legal battle to be involved in his son Elijah's life. At 6 months old, Elijah's mother decided to keep Zach from his son. He was granted 10 hours of time every 2 weeks after having spent nearly every day with Elijah up to this point. 

Emotionally and financially, the cost to be part of Elijah's life was immense. Zach had a solid family backing and a job that allowed him the means for the fight to be in his son's life.  However, going through the battle, he realized that many parents were not as fortunate. The system was failing Elijah and the many kids that were held as ransom by the legal system and custodial parents alike. 

After nearly 2 years of legal battles, Zach is still fighting for the right to be an equal player in his son's life. Through this struggle, he has built Kids Deserve Dads into a state-wide organization that is leading the way towards the true representation of a kid's best interest, Shared Parenting

Does Wyoming have Shared Parenting?

In the winter of 2017-2018, Zach worked closely with Representative Jared Olsen to pass monumental legislation in the state of Wyoming changing a system that was in force nearly 40 years that allowed one parent's refusal to participate in Shared Parenting to eliminate the option. Now a judge can rule for Shared Parenting without the agreement of both parents. The supreme court of Wyoming has already ruled on Shared Parenting and the law was upheld. 

This last legislative session,  FUAN worked with lawmakers towards a rebuttable presumption of Shared Parenting; and after passing initial floor vote and committee, the bill was shot down on the floor with heavy opposition from the “misery lobby.” Many great lessons were learned.  There is still much hard work ahead, but Shared Parenting is coming to Wyoming and Kids Deserve Dads is leading the way.