Bubbles of Love Feat Tom Pischke

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Tom Pischke

FUAN is pleased to announce that South Dakota Representative Tom Pischke will be joining the roster for the Bubbles of Love event on April 25th on the West grounds of the Iowa State Capitol Building.  It is indeed an honor to have a legislator from our neighboring state joining us for this celebration!

Tom Pischke was born in Tyndall, South Dakota and is the father of four children.  He graduated from Dakota State University with a B.S. in Computer and Information Systems Security and Information Assurance.  He is a System Quality Analyst for Esurance. 

Tom Pischke is a member of the South Dakota House of Representatives serving his second term.  While he has served on the Agricultural and Natural Resources Committee and also on the Commerce and Energy Committee, he currently serves on Judiciary and Taxation Committees.  Representing District 25 in Southeast SD, Tom passionately fights to protect our faith, our families, and our freedoms. He is a strong believer in Wildlife Conservation and 2nd Amendment rights.  After personally experiencing the injustice of the family court system, Tom has become an advocate for Shared Parenting. Fueled by his love for his children, and the alarming statistics about children from fatherless homes, Tom has introduced and passed multiple bills which contribute to the promotion of Shared Parenting. In 2018, SB 139, SB 140 & SB 165 were passed unanimously in South Dakota, building the momentum for a much needed cultural shift in family law. SB 139 defined the provision when a legal change of physical custody is appropriate after a child has moved in with the non-custodial parent.  SB 140 revised provisions regarding an objection to a temporary custody orders. The law now states that the parenting schedule shall reflect the amount of parenting involvement previous to filing, and if less than 50/50, the arrangement should maximize the parenting time.  SB 165 revised provisions regarding child custody, visitation and the enforcement of those provisions.