Bubbles of Love Feat. Ron & Sherry Palmer

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FUAN is pleased to announce Sherry and Ron B. Palmer will be guest speakers at the “Bubbles of Love 2019” event in Des Moines, Iowa on April 25, 2019.

There have been major moves being made here in Iowa; have you heard? Our Rebuttable Presumption (also known as the “Shared Parenting Bill”) has moved right along through the Capitol! This bill, formerly known as SF11, has been renamed numbered as SF 571 and will have a Senate Floor vote anytime now.

With all of the momentum here in Iowa, we are getting more and more excited about our upcoming events in April! We are thrilled to announce two keynote speakers, who by working together toward a common goal, have made huge strides regarding Family Law Reform: Ron and Sherry Palmer. We cannot wait to see the way they will educate and inspire our fellow Iowans at the Bubbles of Love Event and at the  Workshop the following day.

You will not want to miss the opportunity to meet this amazing couple! Just recently Texas AG issued an opinion that motivated legislators to file bills finally admitting that the Palmer’s parental rights arguments were correct all along and that parents do have rights in family law. Come to the workshop and learn effective strategies from the Palmers to bring this same change to your home state.

FUAN is pleased to announce Sherry and Ron B. Palmer will be guest speakers at the “Bubbles of Love 2019” event in Des Moines, Iowa on April 25, 2019.

Sherry Palmer and Ron B. Palmer are the founders of National Family Law Policy Center and the owners of Fix Family Courts, a brand which encompasses self-help books, seminars, workshops, online content, and other products and services that educate the public, pro se parents and attorneys. Fix Family Courts works to provide information- about the emotional and financial impacts of divorce- to parents, attorneys, judges, legislators, mental health professionals, businesses, and community leaders.

Sherry assists parents (and their hired professionals), who find themselves in high-conflict situations, in maintaining focus on the issues that matter the most. She coaches/mentors them throughout the entire complex process- before, during, and after. 

While serving as an advisor to many other nonprofits, she also provides training to other mentors and divorce coaches. Sherry enjoys collaborating with other like-minded people and organizations on programs that strengthen marriages and parent-child relationships.

Teaching professionals and experts where each branch of government and their policies violate constitutional guarantees, she helps them to understand the solutions that restore and ensure protection for children through maintaining a relationship with their fit parents.

As a constitutional scholar and visionary, Ron and Sherry’s goal is to create a world where getting divorced doesn't mean losing your child. Fit parents should be treated equally regardless of their marital status or any changes to their marital status. Fit parents do not become unfit simply because their marriage fails. They bring to this field a fresh approach and a fresh vision unshaped by law school conditioning.

They see things as they are by gleaning information from The Constitution, statutes, hands on court experiences, and caselaw, while being void of institutional biases and prejudices learned in law school. Ron has a proven track record of fixing broken systems and optimizing inefficient systems on massive scales.

Ron has passionately dedicated hundreds of hours to researching state and federal appellate court decisions on family law matters. Consequently, he routinely distills this information into uniquely powerful arguments for the preservation of parental rights- which he believes is necessary in protecting children. Even though some parents are in high conflict situations, he firmly believes that children are best safeguarded and nurtured by having two fit parents who have equal parental time and authority regardless of their marital status.

Ron holds true that the United States Constitution protects the natural rights that parents have as the authority of their children; these rights and authority even predate civilization and the formation of our nation, as well as its founding documents. Ron’s epiphanies have changed the way nonprofits, attorneys, parents, and other professionals are understanding and arguing these rights.

Sherry's first book was written with her husband after experiencing, first hand, the horrors of parental alienation and legal abuse in family court. When Sherry is not working with parents or community leaders, writing, dancing, or spending time with her children, she produces The Four at Four and FLST talk show. She has a degree from the University of North Texas. She grew up roller-skating, rock climbing, belly dancing, surfing and rescuing strays. 

Ron's background includes- B.A. from Utah State University; Co-Founder: Graduate Program in IT Service Management; Co-Founder: ITSMF Annual Academic Conference; examiner, Author: IT Service Management Foundations: ITIL Study Guide; Author: Protecting Parent-Child Bonds; Author: NOT in the Child’s Best Interest; Author: Oath Breakers – Lies Family CourtsTell; Senior Consultant: Deloitte LLC.; Senior Consultant: Accenture; Consultant: Microsoft; Founder: Franklin Technology Strategies Inc; Founder of Fix Family Courts and Founder of National Family Law Policy Center.