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Feature of FUAN August 2021 Advocate of the Month, Mark Esquibel

Congratulations to Mark Esquibel for being named FUAN August 2021 Advocate of the Month! Mark was born in Santa Cruz, California in 1972. He is the father of three daughters, two high schoolers and one in elementary school. Mark is very active in his community and was a candidate for the Board of Supervisors in 2019-2020. 

Mark still resides in Santa Cruz where he is a governmental liaison for an energy company. He was planning to be a firefighter until ACL surgery in the early 90’s. He worked for the telecom and energy industry for the next two decades. He is a self-proclaimed beach bum turned corporate, salaried employee.

Mark and his ex-wife were divorced in 2012. Because they made the decision to not waste their daughters’ future on court and lawyer expenses, they went to court just to get the divorce signed by a judge. They had what Mark describes as an amicable divorce, even attending the co-parenting class together. They agreed on Shared Parenting with a week on, week off schedule so both parents had a healthy relationship with their daughters.  

In 2016, Mark witnessed first-hand the darkness and greed of court corruption based on multiple unfounded false allegations to CPS. Mark has not seen his daughters in two years. Because of this, he became the chairman of the Reform Party for Santa Cruz County to change legislation to protect children. In August 2020, Mark co-founded the FCACC (Family Court Anti-Corruption Coalition) and the FRF (Family Resource Foundation) to fight against CPS, Family Court and Guardianship Fraud. 

“In reality…They're not after you, they're after me. You need to be in the way.”

~ Our children ~

Mark has collaborated with FUAN and Dad Talk Today throughout the United States, going state by state to change legislation for equal Shared Parenting, false accusation and custodial interference. Mark believes children have the right to love and be loved by both fit, loving, and available parents.

Mark recently attended CPAC in Austin, Texas, helping interview legislators from all over the country who agree with Shared Parenting and promise to help change the laws in every state for the benefit of our children and for generations to come.

Mark grew up playing soccer, baseball, basketball, football, and water polo. He was a beach lifeguard and did marine rescue to put himself through college prior to the knee surgery. These activities still captivate his interest as he enjoys surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, road biking, hiking, camping, and fishing.

We are proud to have Mark as a FUAN Family Participant! Thank you for all you do, Mark, and Congratulations on being named FUAN August 2021 Advocate of the Month!

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